Tuesday, March 01, 2016

February Favourites!

Hey guys!

It’s now the beginning of a new month (hello March!) which means that it’s also time for a new favourites post! I try not to post these every single month, as I’m worried they might get boring if I post them all the time, plus I recently did my yearly favourites for 2015, but I wanted to post one this month because I have a few things I really wanted to write about!

It’s also a leap year this year, which meant an extra day to get stuff done! I spent mine sorting out some books, shopping, playing games and writing this blog post how did you all spend yours? 

Before I start, a disclaimer I either received the things in this post as a present from a relative, or purchased them with my own money. All opinions in this post are my own.

Okay, let’s get started! 

Yankee Candle Simply Home Toasted Marshmallow Wax Melt 

I got some Christmas scented wax melts a few weeks after Christmas, and this was one of the scents included. I’m a sucker for the Fireside Treats Yankee candle, and this smells similar, but sweeter, which I actually like! I usually have it burning for a few hours at night, and the scent fills my room nicely (my room isn’t the hugest room, but it’s a decent size, so sometimes I find it hard to find scents that linger). I’m not sure if they do it year round, but I would definitely purchase it again! 


I downloaded this app on a whim when I was browsing the app store something I do fairly regularly when I’m bored and stumbled across this game. In this game, you have an outline of a shape (usually a rectangle) and some other oddly shaped colourful pieces, and you basically have to fill in the rectangle with the colourful pieces. It can be pretty hard sometimes, but if I’m having trouble with one, I’ll just come back to it later. There’s quite a lot of difficulty ratings to choose from too, and a couple of special modes, including double and rotate. It’s quite addictive, so beware! 

Wrigleys Bubblemint Gum

Chewing gum is one of the things I always like to have handy in my bag I keep some in my makeup bag too, sometimes and when I heard about bubblemint gum, I wanted to give it a try! It basically tastes like bubblegum, but it’s actually a chewing gum! It makes a nice change from mint if you’re craving something a bit sweeter. 

Pokemon Red

Okay, so when this game originally came out, I was really young and it was my first ever game! I loved it so much, and I played it endlessly for ages. So, when Nintendo announced last year that they were re-releasing it on the 3DS, I was almost as excited as I was when I was tiny. It came out on Saturday (20 years to the day that it was first released in Japan) and I’ve been playing it pretty much ever since! The music, the graphicsit just screams NOSTALGIA at me and I’m loving every single second of it! 
(I don't know why these pictures are sideways, they were the right way round till I added them to this post...)

Pokemon Cover Plates

To coincide with the remakes of Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow, Nintendo released some new cover plates for the New 3DS, with retro Pokemon sprites all over them I knew I loved them the second I laid eyes on a photo of them, so I preordered them and they arrived two games before the games came out. I love them!

They’re the only glossy cover plates I own so far I have about 4 different sets so far but it actually looks pretty good on them anyway. They contain the original 151 Pokemon (and Mew) and the colour of the Pokemon coincides to the type they are for example, electric type Pokemon are yellow, water type are blue, etc!

I think I’ll be keeping these on for a while – at least until I expand my collection some more!

Clinique Happy Perfume

I got this perfume in a set with some body lotion for Christmas off my uncle & aunt (thanks again uncle Carl & aunty Di!).

I’d never actually tried any Clinique perfumes before I like their makeup and skin care though so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised! To me, it smells pretty floral and girly, which will be perfect for summer, as it’s light and fresh and just all round a beautiful smell!

Blaqk Audio Anointed (& being on their site)

One of AFI’s side projects, Blaqk Audio, recently announced that they’ll be releasing a new album very soon, and this was the first single from it. It sounds quite different to their older material, but I really like it, and I’m excited to hear the rest of the album. They’re described as an electronic music duo, but this song sounds darker and heavier than usual!

They also asked fans to get anointed before the song’s release, and featured photos on their site. I was one of the fans on there I’m not sure if I still am so that was an amazing moment for me. 

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick Ariana Grande Collab

Admittedly, I didn’t even know about this until I was reading through some other blogs and saw a couple of people reviewing it.

I’ve been looking for a really nice deep plummy/wine shade of lipstick for a while now, with not much luck. I’m also not the kind of person who wears anything on my lips very often, so I don’t know that much about lipstick! However, when I saw swatches of this, I was sold it’s the perfect shade that I’d been searching for! It’s also matte, which is a plus, as I’m loving matte makeup at the moment! Plus, it’s a Viva Glam collaboration with Ariana Grande, and all proceeds go to an HIV/AIDs charity.

I really like it on me, too, and I’ve had compliments from people about it, so it’s a striking colour which is surprisingly wearable! 

Superdrug Strawberry & Raspberry Hand Sanitizer 

For a few years now, I’ve kept hand sanitizer in my bag you never know when a bathroom isn’t going to have soap, or if your hands get sticky or feel dirty when you’re out and about. I’d never tried the Superdrug ones before, but they were 2 for £1.50 recently, so I picked up this one and the aloe vera one.

This smells amazing, and it feels really nice on your hands some of them can make your hands feel sticky, but this one doesn’t. It’s bigger than most brands, too, so it’s better value for money, plus I like that it’s bright pink, so I’m less likely to lose it in my bag!

Ben & Jerrys Minter Wonderland Ice Cream

Okay, so I’ve always really loved mint choc chip ice cream, but hardly anywhere seems to sell it (not near me, anyway).

I was in my local supermarket a few weeks ago, just browsing the frozen food area because I needed some raspberries for smoothies, and I came across this little gem. It’s peppermint ice cream with massive chunks of dark chocolate in! Peppermint is one of my favourite mint flavours, so I had to get it and try it, and I’m really glad I did, as it’s probably my all time favourite ice cream flavour now!

Sadly for me, it looks like it’s either a seasonal flavour or it’s been discontinued, as my local supermarket were selling it dirt cheap the other day to get rid of it, so it looks like I won’t be pigging out on ice cream for a while now! 

So, there we have it my February favourites! Do you like any of the things I mentioned, or will you be trying any of them out? Let me know, and see you next time!