Friday, July 08, 2016

Mini Haul // Gaming!

Hey guys!

As you probably already know, I love Nintendo games an awful lot so, when loads of game franchises I love announced new things happening this year, I was really happy, but also sad at the fact my bank balance would suffer! Almost everything seemed to be released around the same kind of time, too, so it was both a blessing & a curse!
I thought you might be interested in seeing a mini haul of what I’ve got I know I’d find it interesting anyway so here goes nothing! 

First off I’ve already blogged about this game recently & shared my first impressions of it, but I managed to grab the special edition version of Fire Emblem Fates! It included a double sided poster, steelbook, artbook, double sided coin & all 3 routes of the game I also picked up the Fates coverplates for my New 3DS. If you’re planning on getting this game too, I’d recommend starting with Birthright, then playing Conquest & Revelation this is the way the developers would recommend for you to play them & it’s how I’m doing it too! 

Next up Kirby Planet Robobot! Again, I was lucky enough to grab the special edition bundle, which included a Kirby amiibo, the game, a notebook, a pin badge & some stickers! I also got the other 3 Planet Robobot amiibos King Dedede, Meta Knight & Waddle Dee.
I love this game so much it’s as lighthearted & charming as previous Kirby games, with the added bonus of being able to use a massive robot suit occasionally to deal even more damage to enemies & get through the levels. There’s also a few new copy abilities that were added to this game including poison/toxic Kirby - & if you have an NFC reader or a New 3DS, you can scan in amiibos to give Kirby an ability! The new ones are Parasol (with a  Waddle Dee colour scheme), Sword (with a Meta Knight colour scheme), Hammer (with a King Dedede colour scheme) & UFO (which is special & can only be unlocked with the Kirby Planet Robobot amiibo). 

I’ve been collecting the Animal Crossing amiibo cards since series 1 there’s 4 series in all so when the 4th & final album was announced, I got it, along with 5 packs of cards! I was lucky enough to not get any duplicate cards, too now I just have to work on getting all the cards I’m missing (which is an awful lot, actually)

Finally they literally only arrived yesterday & I already think they’re some of my favourite amiibos to date! I’m a little bit obsessed with playing Splatoon online when I’m at my dads (we don’t have broadband at home & the internet we do have isn’t good enough for online gaming) so when they announced they were bringing out Callie & Marie (aka the squid sisters, who announce the stages for online play & read the news) amiibos, I knew I wanted them! I can’t actually choose a favourite between the two I love them both but they’re so beautifully made & there’s glitter in their dresses & everything! I’ve included a couple of close up pictures in this post too, so you can hopefully see the details a bit better!


So, there we have it my mini gaming haul! There’s still some more games & other stuff I want to get eventually, but I’m very happy with this haul especially Fates, I’d been so impatient for that since it first got announced!
Do you have any of the things I bought, or are you planning on getting any of them? Let me know!