Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Evenings!

Hey guys!

How are you all enjoying the sunny, sweltering weather we've been having recently? Personally, I've been struggling slightly - I'm not a massive fan of the heat, give me autumn any day - but it's nice having it stay light for longer in the evenings.

Over the weekend, me and my best friend were incredibly bored to the point of tears, so we decided on a whim to meet up at Waterloo and just hang out for a while at Southbank -  by the time we decided what we were doing, it was getting fairly late, so we decided to meet at around 6ish (as at the time, I was still in my pjs and needed time to charge my phone, wash my hair, etc, and she needed to charge her phone and stuff too)

When I arrived at Waterloo, Lisa texted me to say she had miscalculated the timings of her trains and stuff, so she would be later than she thought, so I took the time to go and freshen up before heading to Starbucks to get a cool lime refresher (literally addicted to those in the summer, along with the new banana yogurt frappuccinos!) before heading back to the designated meeting point. Before long, she arrived, so we headed out to Southbank to get some food, as neither of us had eaten much that day and we were starving! Once we had food, we strolled back towards the London Eye, and found a patch of grass to sit on - it was really close to the eye, but not so close that we were surrounded by people, so it was lovely.

Once we'd eaten, we just sat there for a while, catching up and even just sitting in silence for a while (not awkward silence, luckily, we never have those which I'm forever grateful for) and people watching, before taking about a million selfies (and deleting most of them again) and chatting again. I kind of got a bit carried away with telling her something, which I probably could have explained more concisely, but she listened to the whole thing and didn't judge me, which was lovely. It's funny, we saw each other on Thursday too for a gig (which I may or may not blog about too) and we chat every day via text, but we still had masses to chat about, which to me is one of the signs of an amazing friendship <3

We decided at around 9pm, when it was just beginning to get dark, that we would go back to Starbucks, as we were really thirsty, so we strolled back to Waterloo (as that's where the nearest Starbucks is). On the way there, something happened that made us laugh so much - we were just walking and chatting and Lisa sneezed, and I was about to say "bless you" but some random tourist man beat me to it, and for some reason it just made us laugh and we couldn't stop laughing for ages!
and got refreshers - I got the cool lime one, as I'm a little bit addicted, and Lisa got the Valencia orange one, which is also delicious - and a banana yogurt frappuccino to share before checking what time the last trains home were at and heading back to Southbank.
When we got back, we lay down on the grass and looked up at the sky and the London Eye for a while - it wasn't dark enough to see stars - plus London has light pollution and stuff, so it makes it harder to see stars anyway - but it was still really nice and relaxing to just lie there and not have to fill the silence with mindless chatter. At one point, the lights on the London Eye were flashing to different colours, but Lisa didn't believe me when I told her, haha, and told me I was imagining things - typically, it didn't do it again after that, as is always the way!
Unfortunately, we had to head back and get last trains and everything, so we didn't get to stay for much longer, but it was an amazing impromptu trip and it was lovely to see Lisa again, as we don't have any plans together for a while now and it makes me sad!
                             Are you making the most of the long, light summer evenings now too?

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hey guys!
Last weekend I went to an event called Popshack, which was headlined by Union J and hosted by the lovely Dan and Phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil) who as you probably know, I love an awful lot.
Pretty much as soon as my best friend told me about it, and mentioned they were presenting, I was like YES LET'S GO so we bought our tickets the morning they went on sale, and had been impatiently waiting. Another thing that made it amazing for me was, about a week before the event, Popshack help a few competitions to win meet and greets with some of the acts - Union J, Kingsland Road and Loveable Rogues, I do believe - and I somehow ended up winning the Kingsland Road one and a plus one, so I was ecstatic - I'd met them before at another meet and greet, but they're lovely guys so I was excited to meet them again!
Finally, it arrived, and me and Lisa met up at Westfields first so we could make a day of it, rather than just turn up at the show and then leave straight away - we don't see each other masses, so when we do we usually make a day of it! First stop was Nandos, as neither of us had eaten any breakfast (oops, the excitement and early start) and we decided on wing roulette to start, as last time we played it, it was mega fun and delicious! After that, we had lemon and herb chicken in pitta, and finally rounded it off with mango frozen yogurt - one word, YUM!
We wandered idly round for a bit, then headed to Starbucks so I could get a cool lime refresher before hopping on the tube (they're amazing, plus it was really hot and I didn't want to dehydrate on the train...)
When we arrived, the first thing we did was try and sort out our wristbands for the meet and greet - which took a while - then joined the queue and waited. When we got called in, me and Lisa were at the front of the queue, which was awesome, and one of the people there recognised me (well, by name anyway, not necessarily by my face) because they ran the twiiter page and I tweet a lot! Anyway, so we were given a poster-y thing to get signed, and when we went in we got hugs and had a little chat with the guys, before I decided to crash Lisa's group picture (sorry again, haha, I just felt really awkward for no apparent reason!) When that was done, we were given a Popshack top (which I will probably be using as a pj top!) before being led back outside.
We decided to go for a wander, and when we got back we queued again, and made a new friend, Jenny (if you're reading this at all Jenny, tweet me because it'd be cool to hear from you - @amyhavok) so we got chatting. She seemed surprised when me and Lisa said we were both 22, and said she thought I was 18 (I seem to get that a lot - how old do I actually look? It's surprising because I feel like I look my age)
When we were about to be let in, there was a seperate queue for the people who had meet and greets, so we left Jenny and told her we'd save her a seat inside - once in, we ended up being 5 rows from the front, which was amazing - even more amazing was that we didn't have anyone super tall in front of us, so we both had a clear view of the stage!
I won't bore you with all the minute details of everything, but I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of the acts who I'd never seen before - a few of the main ones being Matt Defreitas, Ollie Sloan and Brad Kavanagh, although there were some more too - and I have a new found love for Hollywood Ending (I highly recommend them to you all, because they're fantastic) but for me personally, the highlights were definitely Dan and Phil - I've loved them for a while now, and to see them in the flesh, doing Dan vs Phil and other various funny little commentaries was amazing. I also very much enjoyed Kingsland Road (they have been amazing every time I've seen them though) Elyar Fox and of course, Union J!
A massive thank you to everyone who arranged and organised Popshack - it was amazing, I had a perfect night and I'd definitely love to do it again!
                                 Were any of you guys at Popshack too? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey guys!
As I've mentioned before, I like tags, and this one made me smile so I decided to do it - I tag you all, hope you enjoy it!

1. Summer lipstick you're loving?
At the moment I'm in love with the Barry M lip paint in Genie - on me, it turns a really pretty hot pink!

2. Summer nail polish you're loving?
Bikini So Teeny by Essie - it's a perfect creamy cornflower blue, which in my opinion is perfect for summer! I also love Hertford Street by Nails Inc - a pretty, slightly corally pink, which looks amazing with a tan

3. Bikini you're loving this summer?
I don't wear bikinis so I pretty much just cannot answer this.

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks?
In the summer I don't usually go for frappuccinos, but they've recently brought out a banana yogurt flavoured one which sounds amazing, so I might have to give that a try next time I'm at Starbucks!

5. Favourite fake tan?
I prefer the gradual tanning moisturisers to full on fake tan, and at the moment I like the Johnson's Holiday Skin body lotion - it's not too dark, and it smells nice too! 

6. Favourite summer song?
At the moment, Last Night by The Vamps, Waves by Mr Probs, Money On My Mind by Sam Smith and Rather Be by Clean Bandit

7. Favourite summer accessory?
Definitely massive sunglasses!

8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume?
Ooooh, this is a hard one! In the summer I like to use a lighter perfume, and one of my personal favourite is So...? Kiss Me - it smells amazing, and it's perfect if you're on a budget too!

9. Summer book you're loving?
It's not really a summer book, but I recently read The Weight OF Silence by Heather Gudenkauf and it was so gripping and sad - I would definitely recommend it, even though parts of it were rather shocking!

10. What are you most excited to do this summer?
Hopefully go to the beach!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30!

Hey guys!
I decided that, as I'm still in my early 20s, I would like to make a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30! I know I could have done 25 to do before I'm 25, but then I decided on this one instead, as it means I have longer to do things so I can choose some more exciting, more complex things to do, as well as some things I've just always wanted to do! Some are going to be easily achievable, some harder and more time consuming, but here goes nothing!

1 - see the northern lights
2 - swim with dolphins
3 - go on a road trip around America
4 - stay up and watch the sunrise in a foreign country
5 - learn to drive and/or ride a motorbike
6 - be in a band (cliche, but I love singing and have wanted to do that for a while)
7 - be in a long term relationship again (my last one was 2 years but it didn't exactly end well, so I'd like one that lasted and was happy)
8 - learn to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin
9 - visit at least 5 countries
10 - stay up all night stargazing with people I love
11 - keep blogging!
12 - learn how to play an instrument
13 - read a book a day for a month
14 - try and do more new things, even if they scare me
15 - conquer a fear
16 - move out! (and hopefully live with my best friend)
17 - meet my idols! (I've already met most of them, luckily, but there's still a few to go!)
18 - make more good friends
19 - start making YouTube videos
20 - write a novel
21 - learn how to make the perfect cake
22 - live in another country for a while, whether it's a few months, a year or longer
23 - own a pug
24 - have a beach party
25 - master the perfect eyeliner flick
26 - write more letters to people
27 - learn a new skill
28 - learn how to walk in high heels!
29 - get and keep a job I love
30 - be happy!

So, that's what I came up with, after a lot of thought. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve a large chunk of it, if not all of it, and I look forward to seeing how I do!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

TAG // Twitter

Hey guys!
So the other day, one of my lovely friends on twitter did this tag, and it caught my attention so I decided to steal it for myself and do a blog post, as I haven't posted in a while (it's supposed to be done on twitter, but oh well, I can waffle more on here....mmm, waffles)

1 - closest twitter bestie/s?
The people I tend to talk to most on Twitter are probably Vicky and Lisa <3 @vicky__friday and @thisislisa_xo
2 - middle name?
I don't like people knowing my middle name. Let's just pretend I don't have one. (If you're one of the people who does know it please do not post it anywhere online)
3 - selfie?
I will include a selfie at the end of the post in case you want to see one :')
4 - birthday?
My birthday is still a while away yet - November 2nd
5 - favourite food?
Mmm, this changes a lot, but at the moment I really like chilli and lemon chicken with noodles
6 - age?
I'm 22, but people reckon I look anything from 15 to my actual age
7 - something I really want?
I'd love a tweet off @amazingphil or @danisnotonfire please! That, or a pug <3
8 - someone I miss?
Oh god, I miss far too many people to mention them all. Just assume that I miss you all guys, because I probably do!
9 - favourite twitter accounts?
At the moment, probably @amazingphil and @danisnotonfire.
10 - a confession
Oh my God, this is gonna be a hard one. Um...I confess that I don't actually want to keep in touch with you, and that I'm an idiot for putting up with you for so long. Read into that as much as you like.
11 - 3 fears
Spiders, small enclosed spaces, and the feel of cotton wool
12 - 4 turn ons
LOL, I'm gonna say nice eyes, nice hair, nice hands and taller than me
13 - 4 turn offs
Smelly breath, general uncleanliness, arrogance, rudeness
14 - celebrity crush/es
Phil Lester, Davey Havok and Richard Wisker - I don't really have that many at the moment
15 - heels or sneakers?
I can't actually walk in heels, haha, so I'm going to go for sneakers (or trainers because I'm in the UK)
16 - my motto?
I don't actually have a motto, so I'm gonna go with a lyric I love a lot - THROUGH OUR BLEEDING, WE ARE ONE
17 - favourite colour/s
Purple, black and silver
18 - 3 things that annoy me
Unnecessary rudeness, people who cheat in relationships, liars
19 - the reason I joined twitter
I didn't want to get Facebook and it seemed like the next best thing :') now I love it!
20 - favourite ship?
Um I don't know what it's called, but Misty and Ash from Pokemon! Also Edie and Dylan from Diary Of A Crush and Zoe and Alfie (Zoella and PointlessBlog)!
21 - fries or pizza?
You can have fries with more things, so I'm gonna go for those, although I do like pizza a lot :)
22 - things that make you upset?
Being shouted at for no reason, people swearing at me, spiders, liars, cheats, to name but a few things
23 - type of phone that you have?
I have an iPhone 5C with a Pikachu case
24 - iPhone or android?
Considering I own an iPhone, I think I'm going to go for that, although the battery life is rubbish
25 - any question you'd like 
(how many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon - you tell me?)
26 - insecurities?
Oh my God literally everything! I don't think there's ever been a day that's gone by without me feeling insecure about something!
27 - an unpopular opinion?
I don't like One Direction or Justin Bieber. I know, people rave on about them, but nope.Also, I've never seen Game Of Thrones!
28 - sweats or jeans?
Neither, I always wear skirts and dresses! If I had to choose, jeans though.
29 - relationship with parents?
It's okay, it could be better but it's not too bad at the moment. We argue and stuff, but everybody does, right?
30 - favourite holiday?
I love my birthday, and I also love christmas a lot!

So there you have it! If you'd like to follow me on twitter, my username is @amyhavok
                                                       I tag anyone who enjoyed this tag!

Eurgh, selfie from question three!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Favourites!

Hey guys!

Happy July!
As you may recall, at the end of April I did a monthly favourites blog, and I enjoyed writing it so much that I decided it was high time I did another one! It's reasonably short but sweet this month (and a slightly different format from the last time I did one), but hopefully it will inspire you to try some of the things I mention - let me know in the comments if there's anything you've been especially loving recently too, I love trying new things! So, without further ado, here's my favourite things from June!

As you may know, I am a little bit addicted to stationery, so when I was in Rymans the other week and these caught my eye, I had to buy them! I've used the fineliners before and I love them, both for drawing and writing, and I've been on the lookout for some decent felt tips - these one are really smooth and vibrant, and I'm very happy with them! 

 Okay, so I know that Frozen's actually been out on DVD for ages now, but I've been watching it an awful lot recently, so that's why I've decided to include it in this month's favourites. I feel like I can really relate to Elsa, and Olaf provides just the right amount of comedy relief in a heartstring pulling film. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing!

 When I was up North a few weeks ago, I popped into Rymans, and this humorous notebook caught my eye - I've been looking for a small notebook for blog planning for a while now, and this one is the perfect size, plus it makes me laugh AND it's motivational - what more could you want? Plus, it was on sale - even better!

 I'm always on the lookout for new candle scents - I like more woody, fruity scents in the winter and sweeter, more floral scents in the summer - so when my friend recommended Flamingo Candles to me, I was suitably intrigued. The scent that held my attention the most was this - macaroon and almond. I didn't want to go for a candle straight away, in case I didn't like the smell, so I opted for a melt instead. It smells divine - it reminds me of a cherry bakewell! - and it was delivered super fast! When it's lit, the scent fills my whole room, and it smells amazing - I will definitely be investing in a candle soon!

 I've been on the lookout for a matte top coat for a while now, and when I was out with my best friend last month I stumbled across this little gem in Boots. I tried it on over the blue nail polish I had on (oops) and it worked amazingly well, so I decided to buy it, as I love Barry M products anyway. I'm so glad I did, as this is amazing! It lasts for ages, and it's pretty fast drying too - hello easy matte summer nails!

 While we were at Boots, I also spotted this - I'd heard so much about green lipsticks that react with the chemicals in your lips and change colour to a pink especially for you, so I decided to try the tester. I wasn't really expecting much (I just kind of assumed that everyone's pink would be the same) but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned a pretty bright coral colour on me - my best friend tried it too, and it was hot pink on her, so I was convinced and bought it! I don't usually like wearing stuff on my lips, but I can make an exception for this!

 My final favourite thing for this month is an app I downloaded on a whim. You are given challenges on a daily basis, and you must fulfill the challenges to the best of your ability, using real designer clothes and brands. The more clothes you buy (with the in-game money and diamonds - you earn it from completing challenges, but you can also buy diamonds with real money) the more different hairstyles and makeup you can unlock. If you link it to your facebook profile, you can also borrow clothes from your friends who also have the app, which is handy when you don't have things you need for certain challenges. It's oddly addictive, and I love it!