Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Evenings!

Hey guys!

How are you all enjoying the sunny, sweltering weather we've been having recently? Personally, I've been struggling slightly - I'm not a massive fan of the heat, give me autumn any day - but it's nice having it stay light for longer in the evenings.

Over the weekend, me and my best friend were incredibly bored to the point of tears, so we decided on a whim to meet up at Waterloo and just hang out for a while at Southbank -  by the time we decided what we were doing, it was getting fairly late, so we decided to meet at around 6ish (as at the time, I was still in my pjs and needed time to charge my phone, wash my hair, etc, and she needed to charge her phone and stuff too)

When I arrived at Waterloo, Lisa texted me to say she had miscalculated the timings of her trains and stuff, so she would be later than she thought, so I took the time to go and freshen up before heading to Starbucks to get a cool lime refresher (literally addicted to those in the summer, along with the new banana yogurt frappuccinos!) before heading back to the designated meeting point. Before long, she arrived, so we headed out to Southbank to get some food, as neither of us had eaten much that day and we were starving! Once we had food, we strolled back towards the London Eye, and found a patch of grass to sit on - it was really close to the eye, but not so close that we were surrounded by people, so it was lovely.

Once we'd eaten, we just sat there for a while, catching up and even just sitting in silence for a while (not awkward silence, luckily, we never have those which I'm forever grateful for) and people watching, before taking about a million selfies (and deleting most of them again) and chatting again. I kind of got a bit carried away with telling her something, which I probably could have explained more concisely, but she listened to the whole thing and didn't judge me, which was lovely. It's funny, we saw each other on Thursday too for a gig (which I may or may not blog about too) and we chat every day via text, but we still had masses to chat about, which to me is one of the signs of an amazing friendship <3

We decided at around 9pm, when it was just beginning to get dark, that we would go back to Starbucks, as we were really thirsty, so we strolled back to Waterloo (as that's where the nearest Starbucks is). On the way there, something happened that made us laugh so much - we were just walking and chatting and Lisa sneezed, and I was about to say "bless you" but some random tourist man beat me to it, and for some reason it just made us laugh and we couldn't stop laughing for ages!
and got refreshers - I got the cool lime one, as I'm a little bit addicted, and Lisa got the Valencia orange one, which is also delicious - and a banana yogurt frappuccino to share before checking what time the last trains home were at and heading back to Southbank.
When we got back, we lay down on the grass and looked up at the sky and the London Eye for a while - it wasn't dark enough to see stars - plus London has light pollution and stuff, so it makes it harder to see stars anyway - but it was still really nice and relaxing to just lie there and not have to fill the silence with mindless chatter. At one point, the lights on the London Eye were flashing to different colours, but Lisa didn't believe me when I told her, haha, and told me I was imagining things - typically, it didn't do it again after that, as is always the way!
Unfortunately, we had to head back and get last trains and everything, so we didn't get to stay for much longer, but it was an amazing impromptu trip and it was lovely to see Lisa again, as we don't have any plans together for a while now and it makes me sad!
                             Are you making the most of the long, light summer evenings now too?

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