Saturday, August 02, 2014

Flamingo Candles!

Hey guys!

Before I start, just a disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by, Flamingo Candles. I was not asked to write this blog post, I just really liked the candles, so decided to make a blog post about them. I am not getting paid to write about these candles or mention this brand.

Last week, I was idly scrolling through my instagram feed - as I do multiple times a day when I get bored - and I stumbled across a competition being held by Flamingo Candles, a company my friend had recommended to me but I hadn't got round to ordering anything myself - I am a massive scented candle junkie, so I am always looking out for new brands and stuff to try! You basically had to repost the picture they'd posted with a hashtag to be in with the chance of winning 4 candles, so I thought "why not" and did it, then promptly forgot about it.
Last Friday, I was sitting on the sofa with my mum channel flicking, and a notification from instagram popped up, so I checked it and saw it was from Flamingo Candles, so I went on there and saw they'd tagged me in a post saying "congratulations!" and telling me I'd won! I got really excited - my mum was like "umm, are you okay?" and I was like "I WON!!" and she got so confused until I explained it, haha xD 
So, I've been waiting impatiently since I emailed them my address (I hate waiting for things, I'm so impatient!) and they arrived yesterday! I couldn't wait to open them and smell them, they all sounded so amazing - they are Green Tea and Lemon, Candy Floss, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, and Orange Mandarin and Basil. 

The first one I smelt was the Black Raspberry and Vanilla one - it's quite sweet but with a hint of sharpness, and has a lovely smooth vanilla undertone, which makes it not too sugary sweet and overwhelming. I am also a little bit in love with the glittery pink flamingo on the front - so cute!

The next one I smelt was the Green Tea and Lemon one - the lemon was less prominent than I was expecting, but it's sharp and delicious smelling, and the green tea makes it smell fresh and clean. This is more of a unisex scent, so would be a great present for a male as well as female :D

Next up was the Candy Floss one - the smell reminds me a bit of a fruity milkshake, only sweeter and more sugary. It smells more like a lolly than candy floss, in my opinion, but it's a lovely sweet scent which will appeal to people with a sweet tooth ;) it's so pink and girly, the pastel flamingo is a lovely touch too!

Finally, I tried the Orange Mandarin and Basil one - it's sharp and citrussy, with a lovely hint of warm herby basil so it's not too overwhelmingly sweet. I think this is definitely one I would repurchase in the future, as it works well for both summer and winter, and it smells amazing! I also love the contrast between the orange flamingo and yellow candle.

I decided to try the Black Raspberry and Vanilla one - which is burning as I write this - and now I'm really excited to try them all out! They also smell extremely potent, even without them being lit, so the smell fills the whole room!
So, all in all, I am really happy with them all - they smell amazing, the packaging is amazing (the white flamingos engraved into the lid make them even prettier!) and they're a reasonable size, so will last for a while, even if I burn them a lot! I would highly recommend them to any scented candle junkies :)
Thanks again, Flamingo Candles - I will definitely be purchasing some different scents when these run out!

If you'd like to purchase some for yourself, head on over to <3

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