Wednesday, July 16, 2014

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30!

Hey guys!
I decided that, as I'm still in my early 20s, I would like to make a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30! I know I could have done 25 to do before I'm 25, but then I decided on this one instead, as it means I have longer to do things so I can choose some more exciting, more complex things to do, as well as some things I've just always wanted to do! Some are going to be easily achievable, some harder and more time consuming, but here goes nothing!

1 - see the northern lights
2 - swim with dolphins
3 - go on a road trip around America
4 - stay up and watch the sunrise in a foreign country
5 - learn to drive and/or ride a motorbike
6 - be in a band (cliche, but I love singing and have wanted to do that for a while)
7 - be in a long term relationship again (my last one was 2 years but it didn't exactly end well, so I'd like one that lasted and was happy)
8 - learn to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin
9 - visit at least 5 countries
10 - stay up all night stargazing with people I love
11 - keep blogging!
12 - learn how to play an instrument
13 - read a book a day for a month
14 - try and do more new things, even if they scare me
15 - conquer a fear
16 - move out! (and hopefully live with my best friend)
17 - meet my idols! (I've already met most of them, luckily, but there's still a few to go!)
18 - make more good friends
19 - start making YouTube videos
20 - write a novel
21 - learn how to make the perfect cake
22 - live in another country for a while, whether it's a few months, a year or longer
23 - own a pug
24 - have a beach party
25 - master the perfect eyeliner flick
26 - write more letters to people
27 - learn a new skill
28 - learn how to walk in high heels!
29 - get and keep a job I love
30 - be happy!

So, that's what I came up with, after a lot of thought. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve a large chunk of it, if not all of it, and I look forward to seeing how I do!

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