Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hey guys!
Last weekend I went to an event called Popshack, which was headlined by Union J and hosted by the lovely Dan and Phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil) who as you probably know, I love an awful lot.
Pretty much as soon as my best friend told me about it, and mentioned they were presenting, I was like YES LET'S GO so we bought our tickets the morning they went on sale, and had been impatiently waiting. Another thing that made it amazing for me was, about a week before the event, Popshack help a few competitions to win meet and greets with some of the acts - Union J, Kingsland Road and Loveable Rogues, I do believe - and I somehow ended up winning the Kingsland Road one and a plus one, so I was ecstatic - I'd met them before at another meet and greet, but they're lovely guys so I was excited to meet them again!
Finally, it arrived, and me and Lisa met up at Westfields first so we could make a day of it, rather than just turn up at the show and then leave straight away - we don't see each other masses, so when we do we usually make a day of it! First stop was Nandos, as neither of us had eaten any breakfast (oops, the excitement and early start) and we decided on wing roulette to start, as last time we played it, it was mega fun and delicious! After that, we had lemon and herb chicken in pitta, and finally rounded it off with mango frozen yogurt - one word, YUM!
We wandered idly round for a bit, then headed to Starbucks so I could get a cool lime refresher before hopping on the tube (they're amazing, plus it was really hot and I didn't want to dehydrate on the train...)
When we arrived, the first thing we did was try and sort out our wristbands for the meet and greet - which took a while - then joined the queue and waited. When we got called in, me and Lisa were at the front of the queue, which was awesome, and one of the people there recognised me (well, by name anyway, not necessarily by my face) because they ran the twiiter page and I tweet a lot! Anyway, so we were given a poster-y thing to get signed, and when we went in we got hugs and had a little chat with the guys, before I decided to crash Lisa's group picture (sorry again, haha, I just felt really awkward for no apparent reason!) When that was done, we were given a Popshack top (which I will probably be using as a pj top!) before being led back outside.
We decided to go for a wander, and when we got back we queued again, and made a new friend, Jenny (if you're reading this at all Jenny, tweet me because it'd be cool to hear from you - @amyhavok) so we got chatting. She seemed surprised when me and Lisa said we were both 22, and said she thought I was 18 (I seem to get that a lot - how old do I actually look? It's surprising because I feel like I look my age)
When we were about to be let in, there was a seperate queue for the people who had meet and greets, so we left Jenny and told her we'd save her a seat inside - once in, we ended up being 5 rows from the front, which was amazing - even more amazing was that we didn't have anyone super tall in front of us, so we both had a clear view of the stage!
I won't bore you with all the minute details of everything, but I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of the acts who I'd never seen before - a few of the main ones being Matt Defreitas, Ollie Sloan and Brad Kavanagh, although there were some more too - and I have a new found love for Hollywood Ending (I highly recommend them to you all, because they're fantastic) but for me personally, the highlights were definitely Dan and Phil - I've loved them for a while now, and to see them in the flesh, doing Dan vs Phil and other various funny little commentaries was amazing. I also very much enjoyed Kingsland Road (they have been amazing every time I've seen them though) Elyar Fox and of course, Union J!
A massive thank you to everyone who arranged and organised Popshack - it was amazing, I had a perfect night and I'd definitely love to do it again!
                                 Were any of you guys at Popshack too? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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