Friday, April 10, 2015

Judgement Day!

Hey guys!
Sorry I've not posted on here in a while, real life seems to have caught up with me lately and I've been stressing out a lot, especially because I've had all of my wisdom teeth out in the past month and it's left me feeling drained. However, I should be back to posting more regularly now :)
I thought I'd kick things off again with a post I've been meaning to write for a while, and recent events just made me want to write about it even more, so I finally did. I hope you can relate to it, feel free to comment and let me know!

My hair is quite thin - it's always been pretty fine anyway, then when I got diagnosed with PCOS I knew why it was so thin, as it can be one of the side effects. Anyway, since I was in my early teens, people have felt like it's perfectly okay to say things like "You have really thin hair" or "wow, your hair is so thin" and a couple of times I've even had people come right up to me and be like "Did you know you're going bald?!" (which, obviously, was pretty hard to ignore and I really had to struggle to bite my tongue, especially as one time, it was coming from someone I used to consider a friend, who knew how self conscious I am about my hair.) So, you can argue that I'm used to being told this now, but it's still frustrating and baffling how people feel like they can bring it up in everyday conversation and expect me not to get upset and react in a negative way.
A good example of this is when I went to a consultation about having my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago, at the hospital - I had my hair tied back, so it was out of the way and because it was annoying me a bit that day so I wanted to get it off my face - and the dental person who was examining me and asking me questions about my teeth somehow decided it was okay to just drop into conversation "By the way, did you know you had really thin hair?"
In my mind I was like "No, really, I have thin hair?! I wasn't aware of that at all, Mr dental man, considering I have to look in the mirror every day and see it, I have to see it in photos, and I have people randomly pointing it out to me! Thank you for pointing out something I'd never have noticed myself!"
Instead, I just rolled my eyes and answered yes, I was aware and it's because of a medical condition. He went quiet then, and I thought that was the end of it, until a little bit later into the consultation, when he was talking about which kind of anaesthetic I had a choice of, local or general, and he then said "usually we advise people on the larger side to take the local, as it has less risks" and I seriously nearly lost it then, I actually wanted to get off my chair and punch him.
Seriously, if you're going to point out something about someone's weight, at least do it with tact and a bit of warning, instead of just blurting out something. In fact, better yet, just don't mention someone else's weight. Yes, I know I'm on the larger side - I'm not so deluded that I think I'm a skinny supermodel, I know I'm not skinny, but what gives anyone the right to try and make me feel bad about my body?
I hate it when people feel like it's okay to judge people based on how they look - whether it's pointing out someone's weight, their hair, a birthmark, etc - I feel like it isn't right to be pointing out things that people might not like about themselves, and wouldn't want reminding of constantly. If you feel inclined to point out potentially hurtful about someone else, think about how you'd feel if the shoe was on the other foot, and someone came up to you and told you how lacklustre your hair was looking, or how massive your nose is - how would you feel?
I think we need to concentrate less on pointing out things that might make people feel bad, and more on making people feel good about themselves, and pointing out small things to make them smile - something like "I love your makeup today" or "that colour really you" and spread happiness instead.

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