Sunday, February 07, 2016

7 Songs That Shaped My Life

Hey guys!

Today, I thought I’d write a post about music
specifically, 7 of my favourite songs of all time! 

I always think it’s really interesting to see what songs people like, and why they like them so much whether it’s because they bring back memories, or they just find the song really good and think others might like it too. In all honesty, the majority of my choices are from when I was a teenager (I still love most, if not all, of the bands/songs included) and they’re probably mainly rock/pop punk. There’s also a song missing from this list I don’t want to go into details but it was a song I used to listen to so much as a teenager and I loved it, but the band no longer exist because of the actions of the lead singer and so I don’t listen to it any more, and haven’t in years. 

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started! 

I think this was the second or third AFI song I ever heard Girl’s Not Grey was the first but it’s the one that I love the most. I just find that there’s something so beautiful about this song, and I like the fact that it’s a more relaxed, gentle AFI song for the most part. Plus, it’s the only AFI song that always makes me cry when I see them live.
This song is one of the few that’s helped me through pretty much all the lows and bad times in my life at one stage, I think I pretty much had it on repeat and the song, and this band, mean an awful lot to me. 

I went to the instore and signing at HMV in Oxford Street when this album came out, and I remember chatting with the band afterwards for a while with my friends. When I got home, I listened to this album straight away, and fell in love with all the songs, but for some reason, this one in particular. It’s one of the few songs that makes me smile every time I hear it, and it was always one of the high points of a You Me At Six show for me when they played it. It’s ridiculously catchy and upbeat, too I constantly get it stuck in my head!
It has so many amazing memories attached to it, for me hanging out with friends, meeting the band countless times in various places, summer timejust a lot of good things. 

One year I think it was the summer I was 13 I spent pretty much the whole summer at my friends house with a couple of other friends. We went to her house practically every day, and she had a few guitars all of us were obsessed with Green Day at that point, and it was not long after American Idiot came out, so we decided one day to try and learn how to play it. So, somehow, we figured out a way to play it that sounded right (I don’t think it was the proper way, but it sounded right) and practiced playing every day, till by the end of the summer, we could play it together in time and in tune.
I can’t actually remember how to play it any more and we haven’t been friends for a long time now but that song will always remind me of that summer. 

I liked Madina Lake for ages before the first time I managed to see them live which was at Give It A Name festival in 2007 and, when I heard they were doing a signing at the festival, me and my friend tried our hardest to meet them (even though we ended up missing the signing by a tiny fraction we were in the queue and they cut it off just before us).
I saw them quite a few times over the years, and eventually after a lot of hiccups along the way I managed to meet them. I also got to meet one of my cousins thanks to Madina Lake (and me being grounded, if I remember correctly, aha).
Adalia is the song that stands out the most to me not only is it the most ridiculously catchy song ever, but the lyrics are beautiful. Plus, when they played it live, their energy and stage presence was amazing! I also met my ex when they played at a festival I went to, so I have a lot to thank them for not just the music, but also for helping me meet 2 very important people (as well as the band, who are absolute sweethearts).

I remember when this album came out and one of my best friends got it while we were out. Me, him and a couple of others went back to his and blared this song out, and we all sung along really badly and really loudly for ages.
This song mainly reminds me of weekends spent at my friend Joe’s, hanging out with my old friends, the times I experimented (badly) with black and red eye makeup and the whole “emo” phase I had.
I also remember how excited I was a few years back, when I won iTunes Festival tickets when My Chemical Romance were playing I’d wanted to see them live for so long, and finally I got the chance to fulfil one of the dreams I’d had for years! They played a mix of old and new songs that night, which was amazing, and I felt so nostalgic throughout the whole show.
Even now, I can’t listen to this song without memories flooding back, and I still sing along (badly) when I hear it.

This band were introduced to me my one of my best friends at secondary school, and I remember I downloaded loads of their songs and burnt them onto a CD so I could listen to them on my Walkman on the way to school (yep, when I started school I still had a CD Walkman). This song in particular stood out to me, and the lyrics really struck a chord with me.
Years later, it still reminds me of some bad times it’s a good anthem for if you’re feeling alone and like nothing matters but it also reminds me of pulling through the bad times. It also reminds me that things will get better and to be optimistic. 

Okay, so if you knew me when I was 15/16, you’ll know that I was obsessed with a local band I used to see called The Chase. I think I literally saw them about 30 times or more in the span of about a year I used to go and see them in other places too, like Hitchin, Reading and Guildford, and occasionally I went alone.
This song was probably their most popular, and it was definitely my favourite by a long shot. I remember that Mikey (the lead singer) used to hold out the microphone into the crowd during the last part of the song, and I always used to try and fight my way towards it so that I could sing into it (I was always at the front, and I only ever managed to sing into the microphone once).
Sadly, they split up out of the blue they literally played a show in Croydon (which luckily, I was at) and a few weeks later announced that they were splitting up. It was a massive shock to me especially as they were pretty much my favourite band and they were working on an album too.
To this day, I still miss them, but I also still love this song. It has a ton of memories attached to it singing it with various people, nearly getting run over in Brighton when I was singing it on the way to Dominoes, getting various injuries at The Chase shows, meeting Max from You Me At Six when they played a Christmas show with some other bandsthe list goes on!

So, there’s some of the songs that I love and which have a lot of significance to me.
Do you like any of these songs, too? What are some of the songs you love, and you feel have shaped your life? Let me know!

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