Sunday, January 11, 2015

Letter To Myself // Future

Hey guys! 
Yesterday was the letter to my past self - now here's one to my future self! If you enjoy these posts, I tag you to do them, too - it's actually pretty fun!

So, hey there future Amy!
I don’t know when I’m planning on re-reading this – right now I’m thinking when I’m thirty, maybe? – but hopefully, by now, you’ll have finally settled on some kind of career path or have found a job somewhere, doing something you love, or at least like! At the moment, you kind of want to do something creative, maybe music or writing based, but you don’t have a proper plan yet, so I’m hoping that by now (whenever you’re reading this) you’ll at least have a proper plan, if not a decent career!
I also hope that, if you’ve settled down with someone, they’re someone who’s worth it. Relationships can be stressful – as you full well know from your ex, Jesus Christ was that a mess – but if they’re the right person, it’s worth every argument, every bad patch, everything that annoys you about them – if they’re worth it, hang on to them! Fingers crossed it’ll be who you like now – but no biggie if not, I have faith that you’ll have found someone amazing if you’re with someone. If not, don’t worry – you’re just as amazing and wonderful when you’re single, too, and you don’t need someone else to complete your happiness and to complete your world!
Do you still enjoy having weird and wonderful hair colours? Right now, as I’m typing this letter to you, my hair is pale-ish pink – not my favourite, but it’s pretty nice at the same time! I know you used to have a soft spot for black hair, but just remember that it also drains you! Do you still have a nose piercing, too? Remember getting it done for the second time because you had to take it out the first time for various reasons, and how excited you were? Hopefully your tattoos still mean something to you, too – and if you have any more (which hopefully you will – I mean, I have enough planned that hopefully future me will have at least one more) I hope they’re nice, well done and have some kind of meaning like the others do. Also, don’t get the swallow coloured, ever!
I hope you’re living somewhere nice, too – did we ever live in Paris, like I’ve always wanted to, or visit America? Small things like that, which you spent hours endlessly planning in your room, mapping out imaginary road trips and furnishing your dream apartment in Paris…those were the days! I hope you have a fabulous room mate, as well, and that you’re still friends with some people you know now – some are worth everything.
So, future Amy – I hope you’re making yourself proud. That’s all that matters.
Love, present day Amy.

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