Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Calming Colouring

Hey guys! 
Before I start, I'd just like to mention that I'm not being paid to write about this and none of the books I talk about were gifted to me (minus one which was a christmas present), I paid for them all myself and I am not sponsored to write this. I simply adore colouring books.
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved stickers and colouring in. My family were always buying me sticker books, colouring books and endless crayons, pencils, felt tips etc – occasionally, they’d also get me those colouring books that you just used to paint over with water to reveal the colour underneath (I loved those a lot too) and I think I used to make a lot of mess doing this, haha!
When I was a teenager, I used to love printing off pictures and patterns from the internet and colouring those in – mainly from Hello Kitty and The Bubblegum Club sites (I used to love the Bubblegum character greetings cards you could get, they were awesome!) and eventually, when I got bored of doing that, I started doodling patterns and colouring those in instead – quite often on my schoolbooks and planner, and even occasionally in the margins of my homework (which isn’t a good idea – I think I may have got detention a few times for doing that).
So, when I first heard about colouring books aimed at adults a few years back, I really wanted one for the nostalgia – plus, I wanted to see what kind of designs they’d have in more adult orientated colouring books! Plus, as someone who has anxiety, I find it calming to colour things in or do something that keeps my mind and hands occupied, so this kind of thing would be perfect for me, and other people who may feel the same!
I went on Amazon and looked around for a while, and there were so many that looked amazing! My eye was drawn to the tattoo colouring book first, though, so I actually ended up asking for it for Christmas last year. It’s beautifully illustrated, full of both large and smaller pictures, and it’s actually giving me ideas for other tattoos I’d maybe love to get one day, oops. I’ve only coloured in a few of them so far, as I don’t want it to run out too soon and half the time, I’m a lot calmer when I’m only partway through the picture.
I then saw another colouring book with a really intricate fox on the cover – the art therapy colouring book – and I fell in love with it, so I had to order that too! This one is slightly different, however, as it’s split into two sections – the first section is purely for colouring, and the second, slightly smaller section is for finishing the designs as well as colouring, which is pretty fun too!
A few weeks ago, I noticed that they sell colouring books in my local Sainsbury's, so I ended up buying some of the more beautiful, intricate ones I saw and fell in love with instantly - a couple of them are adventure/quest books as well as colouring, but I still think they're amazing, as they keep your mind working while you're colouring too! 
What do you think about colouring books? Do you like them and/or use them? Or do you think they should only be for kids?

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