Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Piercing History!

Hey guys!

When I was in my mid to late teens, I decided I wanted to get piercings I’d wanted my lip pierced since I first got into AFI & Davey Havok had his lip ring, & over the years, the list of piercings I wanted grew. Thankfully, I didn’t get every single one on my list I remember at one stage I wanted the bridge of my nose pierced (no offence intended to anyone who has/had one, I just look back now & realise that it really wouldn’t have suited me) but I did get a few!
Before I start I can’t remember the exact dates, or even years, that I got my piercings, or exactly when I took them out! I know roughly what age I was though!

First off when I was 16, I knew the first piercing I wanted to get was my lip. I’d wanted it for years (as I stated above) so one weekend, I decided to just go & get it done! I went to Old London Road in Kingston for this piercing I got most of them here, I think - & I think I took a couple of my friends with me too, for moral support. It didn’t hurt at all, but I remember looking down at the needle in my lip before closing my eyes so I didn’t have to look, haha! I actually got it done just before my GCSEs started, so I had to cover it up with a plaster for my exams so I didn’t get marked down for having it (my school were weird for things like makeup, piercings & hair dye). I had this piercing for the longest time out of all of my piercings I only took it out when I had my tonsils out about 3 years ago because I had to & by the time I was less groggy, the hole had closed (I’m one of those people whose piercings close up pretty quickly). I still miss that piercing to this day & I keep getting really tempted to get it back! 

Next up I loved my lip piercing so much that I decided to get the other side of my lip pierced too (that’s called snakebites, for people who might not know). It was about a year later I think, so I persuaded a friend to come with me again & I went to the same place, as I’d had no problems with it before! When I first had it done, I loved it however, I eventually got bored of having it after about 6 months, so I took it out & let it heal. I actually got it pierced again before I went to college in 2009 though I have a ton of pictures of me with lip rings in so I had it redone, then when it healed, I got rings instead of studs for a while! I didn’t really like the rings, though, so I went back to studs. Again, I got really bored of having snakebites & felt like I had too much metal in my face, so I took out the left side again (the first lip piercing was on the right, so when I had the second ones, they were both on the left)

When my grandad died, I was devastated & I knew I wanted to do something a bit rebellious, if you will. So, a few days after New Year’s Eve (when he died) I met up with my best friend Jen & headed into Kingston again to get my septum pierced! I got it done with the staple looking bar, as I’d heard they were easier to flip up & hide. No one knew about this piercing for ages I did show my mum, but she thought it was fake at first - & if I remember correctly, I only got caught out because someone tagged a picture of me with it down on Facebook & my family saw it, so I had to come clean, aha. I only got rid of this because it fell out in my sleep one night & by the time I woke up, it’d closed up on one side & I was too scared to force it though, so I had to just leave it to close I was getting a bit bored of it by this point, though, so it was probably a blessing in disguise.

I also got my nose pierced when I was at college I think me & one of my friends went to Up In Smoke in Croydon to get it done. I got mine pierced with a really thick ring which I regretted but I loved that piercing a lot. I didn’t want it done with a stud, as I knew I’d just end up losing the stud, so I always had a ring in. I took this out because it got a lump on it & my mum make me take it out, so I reluctantly did. 

Finally I got my nose pierced again about a year & a half ago! I got it done at Tattoo UK in Twickenham & got it redone in the same spot as my first nose piercing. I’ve had no problems with this one & I love it!
So, that was the story of my piercings! I’ll insert some photos too, so you can see what I looked like with piercings. 

Do you have any piercings? What do you have/what would you get?

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