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FIRST IMPRESSIONS // Fire Emblem Fates & Limited Edition Bundle

Hey guys!
So, again, it's been a while since I last posted a blog, especially a gaming post!
Last year, Nintendo announced that they would be releasing a new Fire Emblem game, Fates (IF in Japan), which would have 3 different paths you could choose from - or you could choose all 3 by purchasing all 3 paths.. I really loved Awakening, the previous game in the series, and I've played most of the older games in the series that have been released over here, so needless to say I was mega excited! They also announced that they were going to release a limited edition bundle, which I really wanted from the second I saw it on a trailer.
Unfortunately for me, however, the UK/Europe release date wasn't until May 20th - a couple of days ago!

So, there's three different paths you can take in the game. Basically, you were born in the kingdom of Hoshido, but were stolen by the king of Nohr & raised there. The first few chapters show a little bit of life in both kingdoms, before you're asked to pick a side in chapter 6. There's Birthright - where you side with your birth family in Hoshido, Conquest - where you side with the family who raised you in Nohr or Revelation (which isn't out until next month) - where you don't pick either side. Whichever side you choose has different consequences, and each side is basically a whole different gaming experience. 

In Birthright, the kingdom of Hoshido is heavily Japanese influence - the buildings are based on traditional Japanese ones, they chose a lot of red & white in the colour scheme & the music is also Japanese influenced. Nintendo recommend that you choose this path first if it is your first Fire Emblem game, or you like to take it slow - it's a lot easier to get gold & level people up with side quests on this version, so it's a good way to ease yourself in.
In Conquest, the kingdom of Nohr is dark & based on vampires - the kingdom is in darkness & quite gloomy, and the main colour scheme is black & purples. They recommend this version for more experienced Fire Emblem players, as there aren't as many resources in this one - you have to spend your money wisely, as you can't just go on a ton of side missions to get money & experience.

I was browsing Twitter around a month or so ago, and I saw that GAME had tweeted about the limited edition bundle going up for preorder on their site, so I immediately went to preorder mine - especially as they'd put EXCLUSIVELY AT GAME, so I was wondering if Nintendo were going to sell a bundle at all. I was successful, so I was really excited that I'd managed to get the bundle - it included all 3 paths of the game on one cartridge, an artbook, a steelbook case & a double sided poster.
A few days later, I received an email from Nintendo - as I'd previously registered to be notified when the game wet up for preorder from them - & I saw they were selling a similar bundle, but theirs had a double sided commerorative coin & a free theme for the Nintendo 3DS, plus they had the matching New 3DS coverplates! So, I had a quick discussion with my brother & he said I should get the Nintendo one, as it was the same price as GAME but had a couple more things included, so I preordered their bundle & the coverplates. I then cancelled my GAME preorder, as I didn't need two bundles.

I was so excited for it to arrive, I've been avoiding watching videos or looking at anything about it online so that I don't see anything that'll spoil it for me, as it's been out for longer in Japan & the USA. Finally, however, it came on Thursday (a day early!) & I was so excited to unpack it & get playing! I really like everything in the bundle, I have the Awakening artbook too so they'll look nice together, plus I have a few other steelbook cases to display with the Fates one! The symbols on the coin are the symbols for Hoshido & Nohr, which I like a lot! 

 The coverplates!
The Nohr/Conquest side!

The Birthright/Hoshido side!

For my first playthrough, I decided I wanted to go with Hoshido & take the Birthright route - I want to play them all eventually, of course, but I thought I'd do what Nintendo recommend & take this route first. As I'm writing this blog post, I think I'm on chapter 12, so I thought I'd give a quick first impression while I'm here.
As in Awakening, you get to customise your character - in Awakening, it was Robin (although you can rename them), in Fates it's Corrin. There's a few more options to customise Corrin with, which I thought was a nice touch! 

 This is how I customised my Corrin/avatar!

I don't want to go into the story too much, as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to play, but I'm really enjoying the story of Birthright so far! I like how most of the chapters have such beautiful Japanese music & scenery, it's nice that the majority of characters on this path have Japanese names too. There's quite a few different side quests you can spend some gold on, so you can level grind if you need to & I'm finding it fairly easy to level up & raise the support between characters even without grinding! They kept the same art style as Awakening - there's sprites for much of gameplay (and they've added feet, as many people complained about the lack of character feet on Awakening) which I like a lot. The story is really gripping, and I feel like I'll be onto Conquest in no time, if it keeps sucking me in like this!

So, there we have it - the limited edition bundle & my first impressions of Birthright! Are you planning on getting the game at all? Which path will you choose if you do? 
Happy playing!

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