Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Secret Garden...

Hey guys!

So, today I wanted to do something a little bit different & show you some pictures I took when I was out & about the other day! Me & my mum were out, I was sipping on a cool lime refresha from Starbucks (my all time favourite summer drink) & we didn’t want to head home, so we decided to head for a place we know well where my parents used to take me & my brother when I was little, in fact, so we all know & love this place!
It’s called York House Gardens & it’s right next to the river Thames. It’s changed a bit since I was little, but overall it still has the same appeal as it’s always held for me. It’s like a gorgeous little secret garden that’s tucked away.

I’m not going to go into too much detail this blog post is going to include a load of pictures I took of various things but we basically just wandered around for a while, taking some pictures & chatting. The day started off sunny & bright, but then it started raining after a while before stopping again, so some of the pictures will have different lighting/a different sky, but they were all taken on the same day! 

There’s a beautiful fountain there, which is one of my favourite things to see when I’m visiting. 

There’s also a beautiful pond area, which used to be a bit bigger, but it’s changed a lot since I was little I once slipped when I was little & ended up accidentally pushing my brother into the pond (sorry again). There were some really tame squirrels, so we decided to go & buy some food for them we ended up with popcorn! By the time we got back to the pond & squirrels, it was raining, so we sat under a tree & fed the squirrels popcorn until the rain stopped at one point, we were feeding 4 of them! They slowly got braver & started venturing closer to us to get the popcorn, they were so cute! 

By the time the rain stopped, it was getting late, so we decided to head back home, but it was lovely to take a few hours out of our day to just forget about things & have a wander. 

If you’re local to Twickenham or the surrounding areas, I’d definitely recommend checking it out for yourself! If you’ve been before, what’s your favourite thing there?

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