Monday, September 05, 2016

French Holiday // Days 1 - 3

Hey guys!

I promised that I’d write a blog post all about France when I got back, so that’s what I’m going to be doing today! In fact, I’m going to be splitting it into three posts I took quite a few photos on some of the days & I have a lot to write about a few of the days, so I thought it might be nice to separate it so that it’s not one solid block of text & photos! I’ll be doing it diary style I’ll write about each day & then insert photos from that day just so it’s neater & a b it easier to follow! Also I’ll mainly be using initials & referring to my family as brother, etc it’s a bit easier than names & helps them stay a bit anonymous!

Finally, a quick note all of the photos in these blog posts are taken by me on my iPhone 6s!



We headed off to the airport with plenty of time to spare, just in case there was going to be traffic (there wasn’t). We had already checked in, so when we arrived we headed straight through to have our baggage checked (we all only took hand luggage). Once we were through, we had quite a long time to kill, so me & my cousin K decided to get something from Starbucks, then play some Pokemon Go! We were sitting on a pokestop, which was really cool anyway, but the whole time we were there, people kept setting off lures, which made it even better! I managed to catch enough Eevee’s to evolve mine into a Vaporeon, so I was extra happy!

I got some sushi to eat on the plane, too, which was delicious! My dad was meant to have the window seat, but he was nice enough to let me have it so I wouldn’t feel/be sick (I used to get terribly travel sick on planes, I don’t so much any more but I still feel a  bit queasy sometimes). When we landed, my aunt & dad went to get the hire
 car while myself, my brother & my cousin stayed at the airport & took some pictures/sat in the shade waiting for them.

It was a bank holiday weekend in France, so we ended up getting KFC for dinner (which was actually really nice). The village we were staying in, Servies En Val, doesn’t have any phone signal & we all had our mobile data off, so for a lot of the holiday we were off the radar it was quite refreshing in a way, not being on my phone so much, but I did start to miss it a bit towards the end! After we’d eaten, we decided to go for a walk to a stream that’s about 15 minutes out of the village. We stayed there for a while the boys were skimming stones while my aunt & I were taking photos then headed to the bar in the village to grab some food (my brother & dad went for assorted meats charcuterie while my aunt & I shared a goats cheese salad). We went for a walk to look for some bats, before going back to unpack & sort out the house (my aunt owns a house there, Le Petit Bleu)

Me on the plane
View from the window!
The stream!
Cute view from the village while walking towards the stream
Tree lined road to the stream
Pretty sunset


My cousin woke me up to help him open some Pokemon cards (which, incidentally, cost 28 euros for 4 packs!) & we ended up getting some pretty decent cards between us! 

We had some delicious croissants, bread & cheese/jam for breakfast, then we packed up a picnic & went to a man made beach nearby. We all spent ages in the water (apart from my aunt) & most of us (especially me) ended up with sunburn (mine was on my scalp as well as my back & shoulders so painful!)

In the late afternoon, we headed to see some of my aunt’s good friends they’d invited us over for dinner, which was so lovely & kind of them! We had some tapas, lasagne & a really delicious chocolate cake & all had a good old catch up before we left! This was one of the days that I didn’t get many photos on, so sorry about the lack of them!

Ducks at the beach
Another pretty sunset
I love all the vibrant flowers against the darker leaves & white buildings
Silhouette of my brother/dad down the road


Today was a reasonably lazy day!

It started off well, though, as I saw a pug! We went food shopping, which wasn’t too bad because even though it took a while, it had air con, so on a hot day it was quite welcoming! 

When we got back, we were eating some lunch (bread, with ham & cheese & jams to choose from) & because I’m a klutz, I ended up slicing my finger with the really sharp bread knife! My finger was bleeding for ages, so we decided to go to the village doctor just in case, but luckily it eventually stopped bleeding & it didn’t need stitches or anything! (it’s still not entirely healed even now, it’s still quite pink & I think it’ll probably scar), but it did ruin the plans for the afternoon (we were going to go to a lake, but then it got quite late & it was probably better not to get my finger wet) so we decided to go a different day.

One of my aunt’s friends in the village invited us to a BBQ & to play petang that evening, so we decided to go to that! Apparently they do it every Tuesday evening as well, which is good to know! We paid 5 euros each to have some drinks, bread & home made pate, some really good sausages & to play petang (some people may know it as boules). My aunt bought me & my brother some plastic boules when we were younger, so my cousin brought those along so we could play too (it was pretty fun) & then I wandered off to take some more pictures. We spent a while chatting to the locals before heading back, too my dad & brother hadn’t been in 11 years, so they had more to catch up on than I did!

View from the BBQ/petang
Watching/playing petang
Yet another pretty sunset

That was the first three days they were really busy, as we spent most of our time walking or being out & about! 

The next few days were going to get even more jam packed, though, so stay tuned for my next post if you want to know what else we did & see some more photos!
Until next time!

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