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French Holiday // Days 7 - 10

                                                                               Hey guys!
So here we are, with my final France blog, all about the last 4 days! My aunt & dad worked hard to make sure we all had a fabulous holiday & they definitely delivered, even though we were all shattered by the end of it, as we packed a lot into the time we were away for!

I’ll also be adding in a few little details which I didn’t mention previously (some stuff that wasn’t massively important, or which I can’t remember exactly what day they happened on) so it’s a good blog to finish on!

Again all photos were taken by me on my iPhone 6s!

Enjoy this final instalment!


This was my dad’s birthday, so we decided to have a quiet day around the village my aunt also spent most of the day cooking an amazing curry (which lasted us the next few days, too). 

I went to the stream with my dad & cousin for a while they were skimming stones, while I was reading a book (I read Tripwire by Lee Child, it was okay but I definitely don’t think I’d read it again!) It’s so pretty & peaceful by the stream, especially to just sit & read/relax for a while!
My brother & cousin dug out the dart board when we got back, so they were playing that for a while & I was keeping score for them! Eventually, we got bored, so my dad drove us around for a while so we could all get phone signal (he wanted to make a few calls/check his texts cause it was his birthday & all) then we headed back after about half an hour.

My aunt had invited some people for dinner Roland (the neighbour who lives opposite her), Midge & Cathol (the friends who invited us for dinner on the second night, who are lovely)! They brought some balloons, napkins & flans, which was so nice of them!
It was a really nice, relaxing day overall, which gave us a nice break from the hectic days before!
 (I'll probably add more photos soon of dinner etc)

 Back to the stream! Didn't take many pics this day


We went to the lake in the next village over (LaBastide Ev Val). We were originally intending to spend the afternoon there, but the water was so cold that I ended up cramping up when I jumped in, I lost a shoe & I just couldn’t swim the weather wasn’t very hot, either, so that didn’t help with the coldness! We decided to call it a day after around an hour.

My cousin made us lunch when we got back toasted bread with cheese & pepperoni, mmm! I decided to go upstairs & finish reading that book, as we didn’t really have much planned after the disappointment of the lake being so cold!
We’d been invited to the b&b in the village, as my brother made friends with the stepdaughter of the owner he’d also got talking to her parents, who’d invited us over for drinks so we headed over there in the evening for an hour or so! It was pretty nice, they were very friendly!

After that, we went back to ours for dinner, as we were eating with another neighbour, Patrice. It was another nice, chilled out evening, which I ended by going for another walk with my dad before bed.

 The lake at LaBastide
 Tree silhouettes


Today, we were supposed to be going to La Cite (the castle, which has loads of cool shops & restaurants) but we ended up getting pretty lost, as we drove out of the village a different way than we usually would. It was a pretty cool detour, actually, as we drove up the mountains & through a few forest looking areas, but by the time we drove back to the village we were all pretty frazzled.

I went on a walk around the village with my ipod on, taking some photos of things I found pretty or interesting, so I could try & destress a bit I also found a few spots to sunbathe with just my legs in the sun (I was trying to tan them a bit, as my arms & face were more tanned than my legs!)

A bit later on that evening, my dad drove me to La Cite, as there was a certain shop I wanted to go to, but typically, that one shop was the only one that was closed! We still took some time to wander around, though, we also took some pictures of the castle (& us)!

 Vibrant flowers against a wall
 An old water pump in the village which is now a sheltered seating area
 I really liked this house & its cute turquoise shutters
 La Cite/Carcassonne Castle


The final day!
My aunt spent the morning frantically tiding the house (she rents it out when she isn’t there, so she had to make sure it was neat & tidy) so we all went out for walks to get out from under her feet yes, we did offer to help, before you ask!

My dad & I went for a final walk around the village, taking pictures & chatting. We also stumbled across some donkeys, which we’d been hearing the whole time but hadn’t seen until this final day! We went to the shop with my brother & cousin too, as we’d bumped into them back at the house, but by the time we went back to the field, the donkeys had gone again!

We said goodbye to everyone in the village that we know, then went back to La Cite to see if the shop I wanted was open. Luckily, it was, so I bought myself some pretty postcards & we went for lunch at a restaurant (I didn’t eat there though, I didn’t really fancy anything.)
Once we’d dropped the car off & got to the airport, we went to the café there & I got a tuna salad wrap. We were pretty early for our flight again, so we all ended up logging into the wifi at the airport for a bit.
Again, my dad was meant to have the window seat, but let me have it for the reasons I mentioned in my first blog! It was really nice flying back it was evening, so the sun was reflecting off all the ponds/lakes, etc the whole time!


View from a road just outside the village

Things I forgot to mention :
·      I can’t remember which day we first saw him, but there was a cool dog called Hades who kept hanging out with us he’d sit in the street with us when we were sitting outside, or follow us to the stream when we went there. His owners are the people who own the b&b!

·      I took most of the photos, I wasn’t really in many, which is why I haven’t included any photos of myself in this post. Similarly, I didn’t want to post photos with my family in, so it’s mainly scenery etc

So, that’s the end of my summer holiday blogs! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Please feel free to comment what your favourite parts/photos were & give me feedback in general!

Until next time!  

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