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Soccer Six // 18th May 2014

Hey guys!
I would have posted sooner, but I've been reasonably tied up with other things over the past couple of days. Anyway - on Saturday, I was chilling at home when I got a text off my best friend, asking me if I'd like to buy a VIP ticket for Soccer Six (a charity event where celebrities play football) as the friend she was meant to be going with had changed her mind at the last minute. The lineup was amazing - it included Olly Murs, Richard Wisker, Mark Wright, Sam Bailey and many many others - and I'd wanted to go since it got announced, so I jumped at the chance and accepted the ticket without a second thought! 
The next day, things didn't get off to a very good start for me...first, I overslept, and then on the walk to the station I somehow managed to trip over and gouge a chunk out of my knee (it's still swollen, bruised and gross 3 days later...ew) so I was secretly thinking that the rest of the day was going to be disappointing too...luckily, that did not end up being the case, although there were one or two disappointments (yes, I'm looking at you singer of a band that will not be named) 
When we arrived, we got our VIP wristbands and headed up to the VIP lounge. First, we decided we wanted to go and watch some of the football, so we headed to the stands and attempted to try and figure out who was who! We managed to eventually recognise a few people, so that helped a bit - it also helped when we found a programme in the VIP lounge later which had times and who was playing in what match - but it was ridiculously hot, so we headed back inside after a while.
We were sitting at a table, and looking round the room, when my friend was like "I can see Richard Wisker!" (who is the main one I wanted to meet!) so I was like "let's go over oh my God!" so we went over to him and asked him for a picture - he was like, "what's your good side?" so I was like "This one *stands to his left*" and he smiled and laughed and was like, "I thought so!" and then we had a picture and I had the most ridiculous smile in the world on my face but I was happy okay. Then I gave him a letter I'd written him and he thanked me with a massive smile on his face and then I told him I loved his tattoo and he gave me an even bigger smile and thanked me again - then we walked off before I exploded from happiness, haha!
When we went back outside, we bumped into Chai - he's a YouTuber, if you don't know who he is, and you should look him up because he's amazing - and I got a photo with him as well because he's one of my favourite YouTubers at the moment, and he was another one on my list of people to meet that day. Sadly, we didn't get to meet Olly Murs *sad face* 
It got too hot again outside, so we went back to the VIP lounge and ended up bumping into the lovely boys from Room 94 (who I've known and loved for ages) and got to have hugs and a tiny catch up with Kit, Kieran and Dean - I also got pictures with Dean and Kieran, and Kit finally followed me on twitter (well, he gave me his phone and told me to add myself but not tweet off  his account, haha) but unfortunately, they left before I could have a proper catch up with Kieran, which was irritating! Then we decided to talk to Richard again, because why the hell not xD so we were waiting to meet him again, as he was surrounded by people, and then he looked up and saw me and was like "I recognise you, you look familiar - do I know you from somewhere?" so I was like, umm, yep, you met me earlier and I gave you a letter! so he was like "oh that's right! Come here and give me a hug!" and gave me the biggest hug in the world <3 then I asked him to write a little message in my notebook, so he did before hugging me again and having a little chat with me and my best friend. 
I'm not gonna go into detail about the guy we wanted to have pictures with who said he was just going to get his friend and then ended up leaving...that was a disappointment but he sucks anyway and we will get over it!
So, that was the amazingness that was Soccer Six! Below are the photos of me with people I met, and also my note off Richard Wisker <3
If you like this post, let me know and I'll do more life update style things more often!!! 
Lots of love <3

 Me and Chai :D
 Me and Dean :D
 Me and Kieran :D
 Excuse the worst smile in the world but I was too happy to even care - me and Richard Wisker <3
My cute little note off Richard!

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