Friday, May 30, 2014

The Pros and Perils Of Procrastiation!

Hey guys!
How often do you find yourself putting things off, whether it's writing a blog, organising a presentation for work, sending an important email, tidying the house, or even looking up train tickets and small things like that? Do you also find yourself doing smaller, not so important tasks instead, such as reading a book, playing a game, or even spending hours on the phone, so you can put off your main task for as long as possible, even though in the back of your mind you know it's important to do - especially if it's something with a deadline?
I have a massive problem, and it's called procrastination. Whenever I know I'm supposed to be getting something productive done - for example, coming up with a blog idea and then composing said blog - I will instead put it off for as long as humanely possible, instead concentrating on smaller tasks that are possibly not as important, but just as fun - a good example of this is that I am currently training up my Pokemon on Pokemon X because I want them all to be level 100. I also recently treated myself to a Wreck This Journal (which is pretty much the ultimate book for procrastinators) which is full of pointless yet amusing destructive instructions that you take with a pinch of salt - for example, "crack the spine of the book," "make a paper chain out of this page," and there is even a stain log, to log any interesting stains you may find - trust me, it's more fun than it sounds!
So, why do we actually procrastinate, and does procrastinating ever actually help you to be productive?
For me, I have a couple of reasons. The main reason that I procrastinate over writing things is that I have been getting writer's block an awful lot recently, as I am working on several things at once, as well as blogging, and so quite often I find that I am running out of ideas. Another reason is that I, quite frankly, have a dreadful memory, and often forget that my blog is due until a few days before, when the thought strikes me like lightning and I panic while trying to come up with an idea that works - I have discarded so many previous blog ideas because they seem like I won't be able to pull them off, and this is something that frustrates me too.
If it's something else - tidying my room, for example - I find that I imagine the task to be massive in my head, and that it will take me ages to complete, so then I panic and procrastinate over doing anything to it because I feel like it will take me ages to achieve anything, so instead I play games or watch endless, which at the time feels productive but probably isn't. The good thing about procrastinating, for me, is that I quite often come up with productive ideas while my mind is drifting from books or games, so I jot them down on my phone for when I feel creative again - I have about 6 different note files on my phone full of rambling ideas that I need to sort out when I get a chance!
Do you procrastinate things too, or is it just me? If you do, how do you choose to procrastinate?

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