Sunday, June 01, 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag // EVERY DAY

Hey guys!
I love watching videos on "What's In My Bag?" and "What's In My Makeup Bag?" so I decided to do a small blog post on what I usually wear day to day! Bear in mind that I usually do more when I go out, so I may end up doing another post in the future with more stuff included :D
So, without any further ado, let's go!

 This is my every day makeup bag - I don't wear an awful lot of makeup, so I don't really need a very big one, and I find that this one seems to fit in most of my bags comfortably.
 As for a mirror, this is just a cheap one that I picked up from Primark as an impulse buy last year - I needed a new, slimline mirror, and this one did the trick! One side is magnified as well, so it's  very useful and it looks nice.
 I'm pretty sure everyone has tweezers in their makeup bag for plucking the occasional stray hair, and these are just a generic brand I think. I loathe plucking my eyebrows, and luckily mine aren't too bad, so these don't get used *that* often...
 I've tried a LOT of different pencil eyeliners over the years - I started wearing it when I was 12 or 13, so it's been nearly a decade - and every single time, I end up going back to the Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner pencil! It doesn't irritate my eyes, it stays on for an extremely long time, and it's got a nice texture!
 This was actually a christmas present off my mum - I keep trying out different felt tip liquid eyeliners, as my old Benefit one sadly dried up and I just cannot use gel or brushy eyeliner - and this one fits the bill! You can do either thick or thin lines, and it's a gorgeous deep inky black, which stays put for a very long time without fading - I can even go to gigs and my eyeliner is the only thing that is still perfectly intact! I think this will be my favourite for a long time!

 I first found out about the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms from various beauty YouTubers I watch, and I was really excited when they came to the UK - I was staying with my aunt at the time, and me and my cousin excitedly went out and purchased one each - and I was not disappointed. These have been my saviour during the weird weather recently - they're hydrating, and leave your lips feeling soft and smooth - and they don't smell too overwhelming like some other ones I've tried do. My favourite one, Mint Fresh, also leaves a pleasant tingling sensation on your lips!
 I was recommended this ages ago now, as I seem to get puffy eyes a lot and massive dark circles - my sleeping pattern is really messed up, and it shows a lot around my eyes. This little beauty is amazing - so good, in fact, that I keep one in the fridge too! It has a ball applicator, and you simply roll it on under and around your eyes as and when you need it - it contains caffeine and vitamin b, to help brighten up your eyes, and is cooling to decrease puffiness. A lifesaver in the mornings and after a long day!
Finally, my favourite lipgloss, and the only one I've ever really liked - I got this Smashbox lipgross one christmas off my aunt, and I am not a lipgloss person but I tried the darker shade and was smitten! They're called Peep/Show, but it doesn't actually specify which side is which colour...anyway, it makes your lips look glossy but not too wet, and it's not really sticky like other ones I've tried in the past and hated.

So there we go - my every day makeup essentials! What do you guys think - what's your every day makeup that you can't live without? Leave a comment telling me below, as 1. I'm nosy and 2. I always like getting recommendations!

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