Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trying New Things

Hey guys!
Recently, I have been inspired to try new things, instead of sticking to doing whatever's in my comfort zone and familiar to me. I've been pretty sad recently, and I don't think it's helped that I've been stuck in the same boring old routine day in day out, so I decided to do a few new things and mix it up a little bit, instead of just mindlessly making my way through the day, pretty much doing what I need to do on autopilot.

One example of this is, when I went to Westfield a few weeks ago to see my best friend for a catch up, we decided to do the wing roulette at Nandos - we usually stick on plain (for her) and lemon and herb (for me) so we thought, why not do that and see whether we like any of the other flavours too? We also made it into a bet - whoever won got to send a tweet from the other's account. I won, as I'm more used to spicy food than she is, but she hasn't let me tweet off her account yet so I'm still waiting! It pushed us both out of our usual comfort zones and made us try something new, and we both had fun doing it!

Another first for me was trying bubble tea - I've wanted to try it for ages, and never had the chance, so when we found a bubble tea stand I decided to bite the bullet and try it - I opted for vanilla, as it sounded pretty nice. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy that flavour - I'm not sure whether it was the drink or the bubbles, but something left a really weird aftertaste in my mouth - but I would definitely try it again in the future (probably in a different flavour though) and see!

Another good example of trying new things - when I was younger, I used to absolutely loathe olives - whenever my aunt came to stay, my mum would get olives and other little snacky foods, and they'd offer for me to eat with them, but I could never stomach the olives because they made me feel sick with the smell, taste and texture. Last year, I bought a snack box, and it had green olives in, so I decided to try them anyway, and I loved them! (I still don't like black olives though, but maybe one day!) I think that, as I get older, my taste is changing - both my taste buds and my taste in everything else - so eventually, trying new things will become second nature to me, as I will outgrow a lot of things, and end up replacing them with others!

One final thing - since I was around 12, I have been dying my hair. I've been pretty much every colour - from bright red to platinum blonde to having a rainbow fringe - and I have never looked back, as on myself, I find more natural hair colours boring, and I just like to change up my look and experiment with new things - so that's a good example of a small change you can make to try something new, as well as experimenting with different makeup or clothing, or a new perfume!

So, what are some new things you have tried recently?

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