Thursday, June 05, 2014

TAG // Cheesy Friends!

Hey guys!
So I decided to do something a little bit different today :) I found an interesting tag online, and decided to do it with my best friend - so, here is the cheesy friends tag!
Her - L
me - A
I hope you enjoy it - let me know below if you do and I will do some more tags soon!

1 - how and when did you meet?
L - I met Amy on 14th June 2010 at a music video for the band Room 94 at Brixton Academy. I remember randomly speaking to Amy while we were at the filming, then we kept in touch via facebook/twitter and as time went on we spoke more and more and ended up being best friends. :)
A - pretty much that, haha. We met at a video shoot, then started talking more and more and got closer and closer and now we're best friends :D and I wouldn't change it for the world!
2 - describe your best friend in 3 words?
L - Awesome, Caring and Unique
A - Fabulous, Weird and Loyal 
 3 - what is your favourite type of cheese?
L - Cheddar
A - Mozzerella
4 - if you could go anywhere in the world together, where would you go?
L - Probably Paris because we've been spoken about how we'd both like to go there! 
A - I second Paris, and also we have spoken about a road trip around America as well so that'd be awesome! :D
 5 - what is your favourite time of day to eat cheese?
L - Lunch or Dinner! Definitely not for breakfast... 
A - I disagree, it's nice for breakfast if you're having an omelette or something but I do like it most for dinner!
6 - who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
L - Definitely Amy. I'm done in about 2 minutes ;)
A - haha, yeah...definitely me. I am not a morning person at all so I take forever to wake up and get ready, whoops! :')
7 - what is your favourite recipe that involves cheese?
L - I literally have no idea. Cheesecake?;)
8 - do you have anything matching?
L - We have matching phones now, although they're different colours. We've also got the same t-shirt (Dan and Phil! Our favourite Youtubers), and I bought Amy a present that I also got for myself because I really liked it and I thought having something the same would be cute! 
A - The present Lisa mentioned, we both have the same iPhone but mine is white (with Pokemon covers, oh yeah!) and hers is blue. We have such different taste that we don't really have a lot of matching things, I'm more girly than she is :D we once spoke about matching tattoos but that hasn't happened yet!
9 - what is their favourite song?
L - I'm annoyed at myself that I can't remember, though I know it's from the band AFI, and she also likes Fresh Start Fever, Be Who You Are & Carpe Diem from You Me At Six's new album Cavalier Youth (sorry, I think I've missed one out!), and there's a few others as well! I hope I'm right. :D 
A - At the moment, she loves Cold Night by You Me At Six, Little Things by One Direction and Do It All Over Again by Elyar Fox :D
10 - what is your favourite animal and does it like cheese?
L - My favourite animal are Meerkats. I'm not actually sure if they like cheese. I'm going to search it on google... *goes to look on Wikipedia*. I don't think they do eat cheese... 
A - I love pugs! I don't think that pugs eat cheese do they? Hmm...
11 - what's your friend's favourite tv show?
L - I believe Amy likes Hollyoaks. She likes Friday Download as well! 
A - Friday Download and All Over The Place!
12 - what is something weird you eat together other than cheese?
L - Something weird....we usually just eat chocolate, sweets, chicken, hot dogs and prawn crackers together. I don't know if that's classed as weird?! 
A - I don't think anything we eat is really that weird, although I think I did have sushi once and Lisa gave me weird looks because she doesn't like sushi and I love it :)
13 - if you could only eat one cheese for the rest if your life, what would you choose?
L - Cheddar! As mentioned further up I'd say it's my favourite. I haven't really tried any different ones actually...
A - Cheddar seems to be the most diverse cheese, so I'm gonna go for that <3 I hate cheese with fruit in it and also mouldy cheese apart from brie!
14 - best and worst thing about living far apart?
L - The best thing is that it makes it more special when we get to meet up, especially if it's been ages since the last time.
The worst thing is that sometimes you just want somebody close by to go and visit regularly. Sometimes spontaneous visits are the best and it'd be nice to know there is someone there when you need cheering up!! 
A - The best thing is that I usually get a whole weekend with her when I do see her, and we constantly chat via texts so it's good because we can still keep up to date with everything that's happening in the other's life.
The worst thing is, I miss her silly amounts because I'd love to see her more often and just do stuff like go window shopping, but I can't :(

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