Saturday, June 21, 2014

Changing Image

Hey guys!
So, since my last post, I may have had a slight image change...yep, that's right, after months of trying to grow out my previous hair colour, I finally gave in and stripped my hair with bleach the other day! I love having lighter hair for the summer, and I usually do this, so I felt like the time was right - plus, I hated the old hair colour on me, I get bored of dark hair easily because I had mine black for about six years straight.

I then let my hair recover for a few days - as this is always important after bleaching - and I deep conditioned it twice, as well as not using heat on it or excessively styling it. The end result of stripping it was orangey ginger at the ends, then getting progressively blonder towards the roots, finally ending with platinum blonde roots (where it was all my natural hair, as all my hair from about an inch or two down had a build up of dye so it was never going to take properly.)

Clearly, I couldn't leave my hair in that state (I liked it and disliked it in equal measures - on the one hand, I liked having lighter hair, and I felt I could nearly pull it off...on the other hand, it was practically floruoescent and patchy) so I dug through my *rather massive* bag of hair products - I'm constantly trying out new products, as I get bored of using the same thing all the time, plus it's good for your hair to try new things and not constantly use the same things day in day out - and I came across various pots of hair dye, left over from my last bleaching phase, when I had a rainbow fringe, and then a bit later on, various colours of dip dye. I debated dying it either pink or blue, as I have quite a lot of those left (to be fair, I still might when my current colour fades out enough, you never know) but then I came across a full tube of pillarbox red, and knew that was the colour I had to go. If you know me in person, you will know that I have a soft spot for bright red hair, and that it killed me a little bit inside last time I had to get rid of the bright red hair.

The dye I was using is quite thick and more like a paste, compared to other brands I've used in the past, so I decided to do what I usually do with my semi permanent dyes and mix it with conditioner - if you're looking to get a more pastel shade, then mixing a brighter dye with conditioner dilutes the colour and it means you can create a more custom shade. I didn't want to dilute the red too much, however, so I just added enough conditioner to the mix to make it a better consistency to apply (it was still thicker than I'd usually use, but it did help to mix it with conditioner) and I also added a bit of darker red I had left, just to make it more my own unique shade.

When it was on my head, I was panicking a LOT because it looked more the colour of tomato soup than anything else, and I didn't do a strand test because I needed to get it done (as I'm off to Blackpool this weekend for a family do, and I couldn't see/meet the family looking like I had a patchy tabby cat on my head!) and even my mum pointed out that it looked more orange than red. Luckily, once I washed the dye out, it ended up an amazing, vibrant bright red, and I am totally in love with it! So, it may be a small step, but if I keep making small positive changes like this, hopefully soon my whole life will start to fall into place too!
Also - keep your eyes peeled, as I have some products I've been loving to review coming up soon!

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