Sunday, June 22, 2014

TAG // Summer Bucket List

Hey guys!
So, I've seen a few bloggers doing a summer blogging challenge, and while I'm too late to do the first couple of challenges, this one caught my attention - my summer bucket list. It sounds like a good idea, so I decided to tag along and do this one, as I like doing posts like this and it helps me to stay motivated when I have it written down. Most people seem to have 10, but I decided on 7 instead! 
So, without further ado, here is my 2014 summer bucket list!

One - keep losing weight
I have been trying to lose weight for ages now, and I'm not going to go into details about how much I've lost so far, or how I'm doing it, but I need to keep exercising regularly and eating well so I can get down to my goal weight and stay there!

Two - see my friends more often.
What with jobs, college, uni and distance, I don't get to see my friends as often as I'd like to, so I'd love to see my friends a lot more during the summer, while there's more time and it stays lighter for longer. Even if it's just seeing them for a few hours, its something to look forward to!

Three - go blonde!
For years now, I've wanted to be blonde - but, with naturally dark hair (which I haven't seen in ten years - oops) it's really hard for me to get blonde, especially as I have fine hair too. I was temporarily platinum blonde in 2010, but because I got there so quickly with excessive bleaching, my hair was in really bad condition, so I had to dye it dark again. This time, I'd like to take my time and maybe go a few different colours in between, but by the end of the summer I'd like to be closer to blonde.

Four - go on holiday
I'm currently in the process of sorting out my passport, as I still had my child one (yep, I know - it's shocking how disorganised I can actually be) which means I haven't actually been on holiday abroad since I was about 13 (I'm not sure of my exact age, but it was ages ago). If I manage to get it sorted by the end of the summer, and save up some money, I'd love to get away on holiday somewhere, even if it's just something small like a long weekend in Paris or a week in Greece or something like that.

Five - write more!
I know that I blog a fair amount, both on here and over on Birds, but I'd also like to concentrate more on creative writing and fiction. I have so many random bits and pieces of stories I've started and haven't got very far with, and so many ideas and plans, but I never seem to be able to find the time/motivation to write anything else, so I'd love to set aside some time every week to do some more creative writing.

Six - learn a new skill
Even if it's something small, like learning how to cook something new (I have a few signature dishes I do extremely well, and then I suck at most other things), I'd love to learn a new skill - it may not sound very impressive, but if I learn a couple of new skills throughout the summer, it will keep me motivated and busy, and I will gain experience of new things!

Seven - read more
I seem to have stopped reading as much as I used to, and it makes me sad because I adore reading, but I keep putting off reading books I've had for ages - seriously, my room is like a library, it's so full of books, read and unread. So, I need to spend less time online and more time reading!

So, that's my summer bucket list - fingers crossed I can achieve everything (or at least most things) before the summer ends! What are some of your summer goals?

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