Monday, June 16, 2014

DAY OUT // Westfield

Hey guys!
So, on Wednesday I met up with my lovely best friend Lisa for a slightly belated birthday celebration, and because I hadn't been in ages, we decided to go to Westfield in Stratford! 
There's so many exits to the station that we couldn't actually find each other at first (I was at one exit, she was at another, so we were like WHERE ARE YOU?!) but then eventually we found each other so that was cool. My dad was also in Stratford that afternoon, briefly, so we met up with him for a bit too, and decided on going to Nandos because none of us had eaten and we were starving! Me and Lisa decided to do wing roulette, as well as getting a chicken breast in pitta, and my dad went for half a chicken. Wing roulette was so much fun - I definitely would recommend it to everyone - and I won because I ate more of the wings than Lisa did, but she had the hottest wing - I still won though ;) and I'm still waiting for my prize of sending a tweet off her twitter (the forfeit we decided on for whoever lost)
After lunch, my dad left, and me and Lisa decided to just wander around the shops. First stop was Paperchase - which is always a bad idea when you're me - and I ended up leaving with a desk planner/calendar/to do list thing (as I'm rather disorganised a lot of the time) as well as some Paris stickers (I love pretty much everything to do with Paris), a blue unicorn and an owl tin (which I now use to keep my antihistamines in!) Lisa also got a unicorn, but hers is purple, and we decided to call them Dannicorn and Philnicorn! We also went to Primark, and I got a vest top and an adorable French Bulldog tote bag which is probably one of my new favourite things. A woman was standing outside a shop handing out fake flowers scented with incense, and she gave us one each - when we walked past again a bit later, Lisa pointed out that they were selling them from 3 for £1. 
We eventually decided to stop and get bubble tea - I'd never tried it before, so I really wanted to because I've heard nothing but good things about it, and Lisa wanted it because she really likes it - so we settled into an awesome little blue booth (even the bulb was blue!) and we both ordered a vanilla bubble tea. In all honesty, I'm not sure whether it was the bubbles or the drink, but something left a weird taste in my mouth, so I wasn't too sure about it, but I am definitely going to try it again!
We also went to Boots - pretty much my all time favourite place in the world apart from Paperchase - and spent a while in there smelling perfumes and testing makeup. One of the best things I found was the matte top coat by Barry M - simply paint it on top of any nail polish you are wearing, and it will mattify it! I've been looking for an affordable one for ages, so I had to buy one! I was also debating on the Genie lip paint, but decided against it even though it went a gorgeous corally pink on me.
After we left each other, I remembered there was a Boots at Waterloo, so I popped into there while I was waiting for a train, and they had the Genie lip paint again, so I tried it on again and just had to buy it, as well as some drinks for the journey home.
So, that was my day - we had an awesome catch up, plus she loved all her presents and the card I made for her, so that made me happy too! Did you all have a good weekend/run up to the weekend too? Do you have any other matte top coat recommendations?

 Philnicorn (the blue one) Dannicorn (the purple one) and vanilla bubble tea <3
 The remains of Wing Roulette at Nandos - I claimed my victory with my lemon and herb flag thing!

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