Sunday, October 25, 2015

10 Years Of You Me At Six!

Hey guys!
So, today marks 10 years of my favourite UK band, You Me At Six, and to celebrate I thought that it'd be a nice idea to do a blog post about my top 10 favourite You Me At Six memories! There's probably a LOT more than 10, haha, so it's going to be pretty much impossible to choose, but let's give it a shot anyway! Also, these are in no particular order, they're just my favourite memories!

10 - Q Live, London.
I managed to win guestlist +1 to this show, and I took my boyfriend at the time. For some reason, the venue decided it would be a good idea to have a rope thing as a barrier - please, never do that if you're putting on a show! I ended up being stuck leaning against the stage, haha, I couldn't get up at all and one of the metal poles of the "barrier" was trapping one of my feet. When Josh noticed (and recognised me, aha) he mouthed "are you okay?" at me, so I nodded and then between songs, he told people to move back (so I could at least get the metal thing off my foot) and he ruffled my hair before going into the next song - thanks Josh! I also managed to get a set list from this show, which is stuck on my wardrobe, and I had a little chat with most of them at some point of the night, which is always nice!

9 - Banquet Records, Kingston - TOYC instore.
The day before they did an instore at HMV in London, You Me At Six did an instore at Banquet Records, and me and a couple of friends went along - I think we all skipped school as well, oops :P but anyway, I barely knew any of the songs, and it was the first time I'd seen/met them (as far as I can remember) but it still makes me laugh to look back at pictures and see how young we all looked, and how much we've all changed since then!

8 - Kentish Town Forum, London.
This was back in the days when I used to get to shows first thing in the morning and queue (I pretty much never do that any more, in a way I miss it and in a way I really don't, haha) and I think me and my friends actually turned out to be in a Kerrang! podcast later on (which people used to vaguely remember me from). I remember this show was packed, and I don't remember much apart from being kicked in the head by crowd surfers, but I'm pretty sure it was an amazing show!

7 - The Astoria, London.  
Again, I think I may have skipped school for this, but me and my friends queued all day and we saw Josh nearly get hit by a bike in the cycle lane when they were unloading. Anyway, shows at the Astoria were always amazing (RIP Astoria!) and we were at the front all night - I like the atmosphere at the front, it's more intense in a way - and the show was amazing. I think I caught Max's water bottle too, haha.

6 - McCluskey's, Kingston - HMD release.
I think this was around the release of Hold Me Down, and we went round to the back of the venue and Max was smoking. My friends needed a lighter, so I asked him if I could borrow his and he said yeah, then gave me his and was like, keep it. So, we tried it and it didn't work (thanks Max!) so when we went to the signing, I was like "sign your dud lighter please" so that's currently with my collection of signed stuff. The instore was amazing too, McCluskey's is pretty small so it's always fun going to shows there.

5 - Alexandra Palace, London.
Me and my best friend went to this together, and got a hotel in London too. It took ages to walk there from the station, but it was more than worth it. The show was flawless - they played a good mixture of songs from past and current albums, and the supports were amazing too. It's been pretty surreal going from seeing them play tiny little venues to selling out massive shows like that, it's crazy but awesome!

4 - Kerrang! Radio, Birmingham.
I entered a competition to win guestlist to this show, and promptly forgot I'd even entered. Then, the day before, I got a phone call saying I'd won guestlist plus one for this acoustic show in Birmingham. Needless to say, I panicked, then frantically spent ages trying to find someone to come with me. Luckily, I found someone, so we went to Birmingham the next day for this show at Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham. We met Christian and Loz as well (2 DJs, idk if they're still there now) and they played 6 songs, then we got to hang out with them for a bit outside after we'd got stuff signed (I got a really old poster signed) and it was so good, I'll never get sick of seeing them play acoustic shows.

3 - McCluskey's, Kingston - Cavalier Youth release.
When their last album, Cavalier Youth, came out, me and my best friend managed to get tickets to both the signings/instores they were doing that day - she'd never previously met them before, so she was really excited to get to meet them! It was lovely for me, getting to meet them again, as they recognised me from various other times I've met them, so we had a little bit of a catch up as well as getting my CD signed. The first show was an acoustic - which was so good, as I prefer acoustic versions a lot more - and the later show wasn't, so it was nice to see songs from the album performed both ways. It was also funny getting to see them later on at the second signing and chat again, I miss how easy I used to find it to meet them.

2 - The Roundhouse, London.
Again, we got there stupidly early, so were hanging around all day. Later on, before doors, the friends I'd come with had gone to chat to some people they knew that I didn't, so I was alone near the front of the queue. One of my friends used to work at the Roundhouse, on their radio show, and she asked me if I wanted to come backstage with her to interview You Me At Six. Obviously, I said yes, so I went backstage with her and got to hang out with the band for a while (I didn't actually ask them anything to help with the interview, oops) and then we had a group picture (minus Chris, I think he was on the phone somewhere) before I headed back out to the queue and to find my friends again.

1 - Wembley Arena, London. 
 This show was amazing. They literally put all their passion and everything they had into this show - and made the X Factor final get moved to a different venue, which is pretty damn hilarious - and it really was one of my all time favourite shows I've ever been to. I even cried at a song I'd never cried at before, and I now only ever cry at that one version of it. It was everything you could ever want from a show - everyone was singing along, everything went pretty much flawlessly, and it was just a show I'll remember for the rest of my life!

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