Friday, October 16, 2015

Day Sixteen // Best Cut Scenes

Hey guys!
Today is day 16 of my 30 day blogging challenge, where I'm going to be tackling a gaming challenge I found a few weeks ago that I thought looked interesting. In my blog summarising this, I left a photo of the questions, in case anyone wanted to do it, but I'll also copy the question I'm answering into my post every day too.
Sometimes, these posts may contain spoilers for a game - when that happens, I'll warn you before I answer the question, so you can choose whether or not to read on!

Today's question is - which game has the best cut scenes?
 I'm not going to go into too much story detail on this blog, so it probably won't be considered spoilers.

First off, we have the cut scenes in Fire Emblem Awakening. As I said in another blog, the cut scenes (and in-between dialogue to explain the story, etc) in this game are in a more anime style, whereas the actual game play (battles, the map, etc) is more like a shrunk down, more computer generated version (I can't think of the right words to describe it properly, argh), and I like the mix of styles. The cut scenes in this game are beautifully animated, and the placement of them is also perfect - however, I feel like there could have been a few more cut scenes, and a few less text based scenes, purely because I loved the cut scenes so much and would have liked to see more (but that's probably just me being greedy because the game is amazing as it is).
However, purely because of the story and the beautifully detailed cut scenes, the prize in his category would have to go to Xenoblade Chronicles. The cut scenes in this game are almost like a movie - they're perfectly placed to make the most of the story, they're not too long or too short, and they just fit in so well. There's a mixture of humorous ones and poignant ones, and they all just pull the game together so perfectly - there's no bad cut scenes at all, although some will leave you confused - but everything gets explained at the end of the game, don't worry! I could watch the cut scenes of this game all day...

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