Thursday, October 01, 2015

Day One // My Very First Game

Hey guys!
Today is day 1 of my 30 day blogging challenge, where I'm going to be tackling a gaming challenge I found a few weeks ago that I thought looked interesting. In my blog summarising this, I left a photo of the questions, in case anyone wanted to do it, but I'll also copy the question I'm answering into my post every day too.

Today's question is - what was your very first video game?
If we're going by games on a handheld console, then my very first video game would be Pokemon Red, which I got for Christmas one year, along with a pink Game Boy Colour to play it on. My brother got the same present as me, but he had Pokemon Blue and his Game Boy Colour was green. I can't remember if we bought these or if they were also Christmas presents, but we also got a link cable - so we could trade Pokemon, seeing as there's always a few that are native to each version of the game - and we also had these big chunky lights that we could clip onto our Game Boys so that we could play when it was dark (luckily, backlit screens now exist on consoles, haha)
If we're going by main gaming consoles that plug into the TV, it was either something on the NES - most likely Duck Hunt or Wrecking Crew, I still have fond memories of those games, and also of watching my dad play Gradius - or, one year my brother got an N64 for either his birthday or Christmas and one of the first games we had for that was Super Mario 64, but strictly speaking that wasn't mine.
So, as the Game Boy Colour was mine - and was probably my first console, apart from an old Playstation I had that broke - I'm going to go with Pokemon Red being my first game. Also, fun fact - I still have it in my room, although I'm not 100% sure where the Game Boy is!