Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day Thirty One // Happy Halloween!

Hey guys!
So, this is the final day of October, which also marks the end of this Blogtober! 
I know the challenge I did was only 30 days, so I decided to turn this extra day into a kind of summary!

On the whole, I feel like I did pretty well with planning everything - I actually stuck to writing a couple of posts at a time, made sure I always had one written and saved in case I couldn't find the time to do a day, and I also made sure to try and include pictures/screenshots in as many posts as I could, so you had something nice to look at, you could see what I meant when I was describing things (or the cover of the game in case you were interested) and it breaks up the big chunks of text a bit better - plus I like putting in pictures because I find them interesting! 

I know that some posts were shorter than others, and I apologise for that - I tried to make sure that posts were as long but interesting as I could get them, but sometimes there wasn't a lot to say, or it was a picture challenge instead of one that needed many words, so I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves. Plus, I feel like sometimes I was waffling on a bit too much, so I cut a few posts a bit shorter so I wouldn't be boring you - and myself!

Through doing this challenge, I learnt that, as long as I'm prepared, I can just about handle blogging daily - however, I do feel like I would struggle a LOT if I didn't have some kind of plan. For example, if I had another daily challenge, or a massive list of ideas, I'd probably end up doing another bout of daily blogging, as it's been pretty fun and it's pushed me a lot.

I hope you do still stick with me and my little blog, though - I've had a lot of fun doing this challenge, and I will be continuing to post regularly on here (just not every day!)

I hope you enjoyed my blogging challenge - thank you to anyone who was here for the ride, whether you just popped in and out occasionally, only read one post, or if you were here for the whole challenge (or maybe even longer)! 

Happy Halloween! 
Love, me and the (Animal Crossing) czar of Halloween, Jack!

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