Friday, October 23, 2015

Day Twenty Three // Best Graphics or Art Style

Hey guys!
Today is day 23 of my 30 day blogging challenge, where I'm going to be tackling a gaming challenge I found a few weeks ago that I thought looked interesting. In my blog summarising this, I left a photo of the questions, in case anyone wanted to do it, but I'll also copy the question I'm answering into my post every day too.
Sometimes, these posts may contain spoilers for a game - when that happens, I'll warn you before I answer the question, so you can choose whether or not to read on!

Today's question is - what game has the best graphics/art style?

Okay, so I really like the games that are coming out at the moment that are like stop motion kind of style!
Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush is amazing because everything is made of plasticine and you can see all the fingerprint indentations on all the characters and scenery, it's so cool! That was one of the things that drew me to this game in the first place, I like it when games don't look the same and they do something different with the graphics. It's such a clever yet simple concept and I think it really paid off.

I also like the look of Yoshi's Woolly World. I've only seen videos of it and the adverts on TV, but much like everything in Kirby being plasticine, in this game everything is made of yarn! They also released some yarn Yoshi amiibos, which look really amazing too!

Going with more traditional gaming graphics, I love the more anime style of the cut scenes in Fire Emblem Awakening, as I've stated before - it's simple but effective, plus you get to put in a lot of detail and I just generally like that style of art anyway! Plus it blends in well with the style of the rest of the game, which makes the experience of playing the game and immersing yourself in it even better!

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