Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day Twenty // Favourite Genre

Hey guys!

Today is day 20 of my 30 day blogging challenge, where I'm going to be tackling a gaming challenge I found a few weeks ago that I thought looked interesting. In my blog summarising this, I left a photo of the questions, in case anyone wanted to do it, but I'll also copy the question I'm answering into my post every day too.
Sometimes, these posts may contain spoilers for a game - when that happens, I'll warn you before I answer the question, so you can choose whether or not to read on!

Today's question is - what is your favourite genre?

I really like games that I can keep coming back to, which don't get boring, haha.

I quite like life simulation games mixed with a bit of fantasy - for example, Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life. You can play them pretty much every day (they're in real time, but you can also change the time if you wish) and there's always something to do! 
For example, every day I play Animal Crossing, I usually run round my town and make sure no one wants to leave (and stop them if it's someone I like) then I'll spend some time running errands for them, selling stuff I don't need, watering flowers, etc - sometimes I even hop on a boat and visit the island! So, there's always something to do, plus your neighbours are adorable little talking animals which, let's face it, is a lot better than real life and human neighbours! 
On Tomodachi Life, your Mii (on Nintendo consoles, you create a Mii which is basically a mini avatar of you, which is seen when you play online and you can use it in certain games too) lives on an island, and you can add other Miis (up to 100, I do believe, and you can add celebrity Miis and all kinds of things) and you unlock more stuff as more things happen. You can get married and have kids, too, as well as play games with the islanders and play Tomodachi Quest at certain times of the day, too - it's a mini 8-bit quest mini game, which is pretty fun!

On the flip side to this, I like adventure and RPG games
For example, three of my favourite games are Fire Emblem Awakening, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time, and they're all this style. Adventure games are a lot of fun - I like it when you have a clear story objective, but there's loads of battles, areas and obstacles to overcome before you can reach the final objective and finish the game!
I also love these games because they all have such different styles - the graphics, the fighting styles, etc - but they're all equally as good in their own unique ways! For example, I warmed to the characters in Fire Emblem a lot, and I loved the pairing up feature in that, but I also love the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles, and the way they're all so different but they all have one common enemy, so they work together with all their different skills to achieve their objective, and I love all the different parts of the world in Ocarina Of Time, and the dungeons and temples are just amazing, even if a few of them are ridiculously frustrating sometimes (I'm looking at you, water temple!)

In case you were wondering, I'm not too keen on shooting games, like Call Of Duty and Halo - I have played a few in the past (the best being Goldeneye and Timesplitters, the worst being Call Of Duty) but they just bore me a lot. I also don't understand the appeal of Minecraft, haha, but maybe that's just me!

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