Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day Ten // Best Game Play

Hey guys!
Today is day 10 of my 30 day blogging challenge, where I'm going to be tackling a gaming challenge I found a few weeks ago that I thought looked interesting. In my blog summarising this, I left a photo of the questions, in case anyone wanted to do it, but I'll also copy the question I'm answering into my post every day too.

Sometimes, these posts may contain spoilers for a game - when that happens, I'll warn you before I answer the question, so you can choose whether or not to read on!

Today's question is - what game do you think has the best game play?

I really like the game play of The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time.

I know it's a game which has been around for quite a while now, as it came out when I was little (I can't remember exactly when) but I know it was when both my grandads were alive - I know this because we used to go up North to see one of them, and when we were up there once, my brother kept hiring Ocarina Of Time from a shop up there and he got pretty far in the week we were there.

Anyway, enough back story!

The controls are smooth and they handle pretty well - the reaction on screen happens pretty much instantly, there's no lagging or anything like that. It's also really easy to target your enemies and battle in real time - you don't have to wait ages for a battle to begin. This is all vital, as it's a fairly big world, so you need to be able to have quick control reactions for a lot of it - this can be especially essential in the temples later on in the game.
 You can only jump automatically as and when you need to, so unlike other games, you can't jump by pressing buttons - however, in this game, I actually quite like this feature. I like how easy it is to assign items to a button, and how easy it is to find everything on the menu.  

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